WEBTOON| Oh! Lord Jesus (Oh Holy!) – Not Your Typical RomCom Webtoon

WEBTOON| Oh! Lord Jesus (Oh Holy!) – Not Your Typical RomCom Webtoon

Hello, hello loves!~ Just an announcement: I’ll be putting live action related posts on hold for a few weeks. I have to go back to my subber/segmenter life for a while to keep my QC status and free Viki Pass. It’s all so I can continue watching my dramas and shit for free~ Anyway, I’ll have other content for you guys for the time being. Thank you for your patience and understanding~

Today’s post will be on one of my favorite webtoons, 오!주예수여/Oh! JuYeSuYeo (“Oh! Lord Jesus”) by Ahyun. The official English title is “Oh! Holy”. It’s a romantic comedy with a supernatural twist. I emphasize comedy here though. The series was originally published under Naver in November 2014. I believe it was under a “Best Challenge” contest. It was republished on Naver in June 2015. It has since been officially released in English under Line Webtoons in October 2016. You can find and read the official English release for free [HERE].

Oh SuBin (Jamie Oh) is a gloomy high schooler, and a complete loner. The reason is because he can see and talk with ghosts. Everyone thinks he’s a weirdo, and he doesn’t have much of a presence either. He has no friends, except for a ghost. However, he’s somehow gained the attention of the school’s idol, Joo YeSu (Holy Joo). She’s pretty, the freshman class representative, excels at sports, and adored by the entire male population in school. So why is the school idol so fixated on SuBin? They were once childhood friends, and YeSu had a major crush on him since. Despite her girly appearance, YeSu is incredibly strong and not a dainty girly-girl at all. She’s overly protective and obsessed with SuBin. But what happens when YeSu gets into an accident while protecting SuBin? What will SuBin do now that he can see YeSu’s spirit wandering outside of her body?

Let me say that I freaking love this series. It’s one of my all-time favorite webtoons. I’ve been following it for years now~ It’s a great romantic-comedy. However, what makes it so unique and lovable are the characters themselves. One of the best things about this series is how the gender roles are switched. But first, let’s talk about some of the characters. Before I do, I want to note that official English translation did change the names. I’m not about that shit, so I’ll be referring to characters with their original names (except for the ones that I don’t remember their names).

[Warning: Some Spoilers Ahead]


Oh SuBin/Jamie Oh
He’s the male protagonist. SuBin has been able to see and talk with ghosts since he was a kid. He hasn’t had many pleasant memories from it though. He had a tendency to attract evil spirits and was easily possessed too. It definitely led him to feel distanced from other people, even his own family. He has basically no presence, and is basically invisible to his classmates. As a kid, he really treasured having YeSu as a friend. However, there was a bit of a misunderstanding between them they met again. He also likes YeSu. SuBin’s reactions are more of what you expect from a typical female protagonist rather than a male protagonist. SuBin blames himself when YeSu is on the brink of death. He makes a deal with a grim reaper (the Toilet Reaper). He does have his moments where he’s full of charm and surprises alot of people around him.

Joo YeSu/Holy Joo

The female protagonist. She has a peculiar name. YeSu’s full name “Joo YeSu”, is also Korean for “Jesus”. She’s pretty, popular, basically adored and worshiped by all the guys at school. One may assume she’s a typical, weak, girly-girl female protagonist. Nope. She’s quite the opposite. She sucks at cooking and she’s hellaaaaaaaa strong. She’s also down for a fight if SuBin is in danger. She really cares about SuBin, literally jumping in front of any danger for him.

I was being serious about that whole “jumping into danger” thing. 

She likes him to the point where it’s a bit obsessive. Eventually she gets into a bit of an accident. She’s in a coma, but her spirit is able to wander about. She’s on the brink of death, but is able to continue living because of SuBin’s deal with a grim reaper. However, she learns from the Toilet Reaper that SuBin is supposed to die. She too makes a deal with the reaper to save SuBin. YeSu’s soul is able to slip in and out of her body, kind of like Hiyori from Noragami. In exchange for saving SuBin, YeSu must use her new ability to help the reaper guide lingering souls. YeSu is definitely an interesting character. She isn’t like your typical rom-com female protagonist. She’s spunky and strong. Sure she has girly moments, but that’s more when it involves fan-girling  over SuBin. For the most part, she is more on the masculine side and almost like a typical male protagonist. You might expect her love to be pure, but sometimes she has some lewd thought and says plenty of crude things. She also may seem pretty strong, but was understandably weak and cried when she thought she would die.

There are lots of other interesting characters. They all have something to add in this comedic love story~ Like:

The Grim Reaper (aka Toilet Reaper)
The grim reaper who appeared from a ring that was dropped in the toilet. He’s not very serious for an entity like a reaper. He’s also a flirt too. There also seems to be more to him than meets the eye.

Initially SuBin’s only friend, despite being a ghost. He’s genuinely cares for SuBin and what’s best for him. He also tends to be like SuBin’s confidante. Despite his childlike appearance, he’s 5 years older than SuBin. He acts like a caring and well-meaning hyung (older brother/male friend). He’s not afraid to tell SuBin when he’s being dumb. 

Jin IlBum/Aaron

The school delinquent who has a hella crush on YeSu. He seems tough, but he can be pretty squishy when it comes to YeSu. He blames himself for YeSu’s accident and pledges to live the rest of his life making it up to her as her servant.

YeSu’s cousin. She seems much more serious and stoic than her cousin. She’s also very frank.

Baek SaRang/Aimee Baek
She’s a schoolmate of the main characters. SaRang briefly knew SuBin when they were younger. She’s something like an exorcist, though she claims that it’s just her hobby. She’s a pretty and happy-go-lucky girl. She teases alot and never seems to be serious. However, she won’t back from unleashing her wrath (with a smile) when she’s angry. She also seems to be a pretty happy-go-lucky sadist.

However, the main couple are the best characters. They’re entertaining. YeSu is definitely my favorite. I love the whole gender role reversal. There are plenty of hilarious incidents too. I don’t want to spoil too much though. The art is also wonderful too! Make sure you check out 오!주예수여!

Seriously though. It’s freaking hilarious. Have you read 오!주예수여? What do you think? What’s your favorite part so far?~

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