Koisuru Shirokuma (A Polar Bear in Love) – Adorable and Hilarious

Koisuru Shirokuma (A Polar Bear in Love) – Adorable and Hilarious

Hello, hello my dears~ As I said in my last post, there won’t be a Live Action Sunday post this week since I’ll probably be on vacation for a week when this is posted~ I’ve also swapped with Marc for this week~ I’m probably out being a fatty. But have no fear! I do have something adorably fun for you!~


Today I’m here to share 恋するシロクマ (Koisuru Shirokuma), or “A Polar Bear in Love”!~ It’s a short mini anime of sorts, based on the 2016 manga of the same name. I say mini anime because it only has 5 episodes (I think…), that are only a minute long.


Basically you have a lost little seal pup that runs into a polar bear. He panics thinking that he’s about to be eaten. However, the polar bear has no interest in eating him. Rather, the bear has fallen in love at first sight! All the polar bear wants to do is love and protect this smol and round seal. Though the seal constantly thinks the bear wants to eat him…

I love the polar bear and seal. They’re completely adorable and I can’t help but support this ship haha~ I only wished that there was a longer full anime series or something since it’s so short.


There’s not much to say about it, other than it’s a ridiculously adorable and silly series. It’s one of those things you’d watch for a good laugh. It’s sure to make you smile and laugh even if you’ve been in a bad mood or had an awful day. I’ve included the available subtitled episodes for you~ Enjoy and have a wonderful day BAYOG fam!~

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