The Biggest Fan of Time Travel Falls In Love With A Time Stopping Show – Kokkoku Midseason

The Biggest Fan of Time Travel Falls In Love With A Time Stopping Show – Kokkoku Midseason

As a big fan of Stein’s;Gate and other time travel stories like Back to the Future, Kokkoku is right down my alley. But what does this show different from what I’m already a big fan of? Well, instead of traveling through time, this show stops time and so far has in its entirety taken place in the single moment in time. Spoiler Warning for everything up to the 7th moment.


So we learned early on that the grandfather had a stone that could initiate stasis. But how were the kidnappers in stasis too? They had subordinate stones that also allow people to enter stasis but only when the master stone Juri’s grandfather has. Their intentions and motives for entering stasis and wanting the master stone are almost a complete mystery, aside from one of the characters working with the kidnappers.


Majima has previously been in stasis, back in her childhood when Juri first entered stasis. When she and her family were brought into stasis, they panicked and eventually found themselves surrendering to stasis and becoming one of the heralds, the large creatures that protect the stalled. Majima also knew of Juri’s ability to expel the phantom jellyfish from the non-stalled so she took her partnership with the Genuine Love Society (the kidnappers) to advantage to be able to talk to Juri and see if she can free her family from being heralds.


The characters are excellently written. Majima is determined to see her plans through. Juri’s personality is more attractive than her art in the ED. Takafumi’s the biggest oaf in all of anime, but in an adorable sort of way, you just kind of shake your head at him even if he seems good-natured in what he wants to do. The Genuine Love Society leader and disciples are mysterious but at the same time provide enough of a challenge to the Yukawa family that they aren’t just a scary bad guy.



The animation and art are excellent. Kenny mentioned he’s just okay with the CGI, but I personally find the CGI to be really well done. No humans were rendered in CGI which is probably why I don’t have problems with it. As long as a human isn’t CGI, it’s good in my book. The soundtrack does a great job at setting the scene and the OP is currently the top of my list for best OPs this season.

If you haven’t started watching this show, why the hell not? It’s not a typical time travel show because it deals with pausing vs traveling and the characters are possibly some of the most colorful this season. It’s worth the week wait between episodes in my opinion and you should start watching it now. It’s available on Amazon Prime and airs on Sundays. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I’m struggling with the characterisation in this show. I find the story and setting compelling but haven’t really felt the need to care about any of the characters yet and that is making it hard to be overly invested in what I feel should be a really interesting story. Still, I’m glad I picked this one up this season. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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