Let’s Go Camping! – Yuru Camp △ First Impressions

Let’s Go Camping! – Yuru Camp △ First Impressions

I like shows that get me interested in random things I’m not normally into and this show did that with camping. Yuru Camp, or the English name Laid-Back Camp, is a slice of life about camping. That’s it. Think of it like the K-On! of camping. It’s definitely one of my favorite slice of life shows this season and has earned its place on my watch list this season.


The story – whatever there is of it, it’s a slice of life in it’s rawest form – is about the growth of a camping club in school. The main character, Rin, is a solo camper that enjoys camping in the autumn and winter time mostly because there are fewer people and it’s more comfy to bundle up and stay warm around the fire. Nadeshiko, brand new to camping, has fallen in love with the act after inadvertently spending some of an evening with Rin at one site seeing Mt. Fuji in the moonlight. The rest of the camping club love the social aspect of it and camp more for being with others than relaxing.


The artwork is amazing. The backgrounds are stunning. Not quite photorealistic but still some of the prettiest backgrounds I’ve seen. Character designs and animations are excellent and I’m definitely a fan. You just can’t say no to Nadeshiko’s smiling sleeping face in episode 3.


The characters are also great. The personalities of the main characters are all different and contrasting from each other but their interactions are what make them oh so enjoyable. Rin enjoys the solitude but when Nadeshiko’s bubbly personality appears she warms up to her and camping with friends.

Overall the show is the most relaxing slice of life I’ve watched in recent times. The show is one of the best. The characters and their interactions with each other make the show enjoyable and they just fill you with happiness. I recommend this to anyone looking for a relaxing slice of life and another feel-good anime to watch this season. It’s airing on Thursdays on Crunchyroll. Let me know what you think in the comments! Is it the next K-On?

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