DRAMA| Cheese In The Trap – Hella Toxic Ship and Second Lead Feels

DRAMA| Cheese In The Trap – Hella Toxic Ship and Second Lead Feels

Today’s drama post is on the Korean drama Cheese In the Trap! It’s based on the popular Korean webtoon of the same name by Soonkki. The drama originally aired from January – March 2016. Let me first say I had been a fan of the webtoon, regularly reading it for over a year and a half. I was quite excited when they first announced the drama. What first drew me to the series was that it’s basically a good ol’ human, slice of life story. I love these kinds of stories because personally I love to discuss and break down characters. I love looking into the psychology of the characters and trying to empathize with them. These are the reasons why I had originally enjoyed the webtoon (which you can read the official English release online). The webtoon is still ongoing, and so the drama has an original ending. However, I will say that I stopped reading the webtoon despite it’s ongoing status. It was just rather long for me and well…for very similar reasons to my issues with the drama.

The series explores the life and relationships between a group of university students; Particularly focusing on the difficult relationship between Hong Seol and Yoo Jung. Hong Seol is an independent and hard-working university student just trying to do her best. Seol has no choice since her parents seem to only fawn over her younger brother. She deals with alot of pressure from her family, and with various issues at school. Yoo Jung is Seol’s sunbae(upperclassman/senior; Korean equivalent of senpai). He’s rich, handsome, popular, seemingly kind, and well mannered. He seems to live a perfect life, but is really rather manipulative and displays psychopathic tendencies. However, Seol doesn’t trust him and is the only one who doesn’t believe in his act. She sees right through his facade. The feeling seems to be mutual as Jung seems colder to Seol. They both had rather awful first impressions of each other. After taking time off of school for a while due to several issues and Jung, Seol returns to her studies. She’s suddenly running into Jung quite alot, who is unexpectedly nice to her and asks her on a date.

Hong Seol is played by actress Kim Go Eun. I previously talked about her in my Goblin post. This was Go Eun’s first role in a drama and her performance here helped her land the role in Goblin. Seol is smart and extremely hard-working. She deals with alot of pressure and disapproval from her family. She tends to overthink things and suppress things inside. Seol’s also had to deal with unfortunate circumstances such as harassment and stalking. She’s the only one who sees through Jung’s facade and doesn’t try to suck up to him. The drama version is somewhat more meek and doesn’t have as bad of a temper as the webtoon version. Still, I thought Go Eun did a fantastic job in this role. I felt bad for her and could really understand where she was coming from (most of the time).

Yoo Jung is played by actor Park Hae Jin. It should also be noted that Soonkki originally had Park Hae Jin in mind when she created Yoo Jung and Cheese in the Trap. He’s a great actor and really does pull off the whole creepy sociopath thing well. However, I just felt like Park Hae Jin was too old for his role. Yoo Jung is supposed to be in his early to mid twenties. Park Hae Jin was about 32 while filming Cheese in the Trap. Though he is a really fantastic actor, he just looks too old. As for the character himself, Jung seems perfect. He’s rich, has good looks, and seems like a perfect nice guy. However, he’s a sociopath and is very manipulative. Jung acts nice but is hella shady. He’s aware and dislikes that everyone sucks up to him to use him. He has no qualms in arranging things to screw someone over, and feels no guilt. His reasoning is that he didn’t have a direct hand in doing anything, it was the actions of others, therefore it has nothing to do with him. As creepy and fucked up as Jung is in the drama, he’s not even as messed up as the original webtoon version. However, at least the webtoon had more character development than the drama version. It was also unfortunate that the drama didn’t carry over some of that backstory that showed a bit more of why he’s a such a sociopath. Basically he has issues with trust, receiving love, and is a like a child. What’s his is his, and he doesn’t want anyone else to have it. He hated Seol at first, but after witnessing her crying he thought they might be similar. He suddenly changes completely into having an interest in her. I mean he literally went from screwing her over to being hella sweet (and obsessive). I will note that the webtoon version is much more likable than the drama version. Again, it boils down to his background story not being portrayed as much in the drama.

Personally I only found him to be creepy… There’s a scene where he basically follows and watches Seol from a hella far distance for like a good 5 minutes, which was like a whole afternoon in the drama. He just stood there and watched Seol and In Ho (whom he completely hates)…

That was just creepy… Yes, I’m biased as hell with Second Lead Syndrome here.


Baek In Ho is played by actor Seo Kang Joon (member of the actor group 5urprise). This dude is your second lead. He plays the seemingly violent bad boy/thug type of character. He and his twin sister In Ha have a past with Jung and his family. They were basically taken in because their grandfather and Jung’s dad were well acquainted. In Ho was arrogant, mean, and a piano prodigy. He considered him and In Ha were close to Jung, he felt like they were family. But eventually, he felt like he got completely screwed over by Jung. In Ho gets acquainted with Seol at first because he wanted to piss off Jung and get revenge. He’s not bright, has a temper, gets into fights, and seems kind of shady. Though he owes alot to Jung’s family, he’s working hard to be independent and free from the Yoo family. In Ho is actually a pretty good guy. He bickers and teases Seol alot, calling her “Dog Fur” because of her hair. He ends up genuinely becoming friends with Seol, and obviously has a crush on her. He protects her and helps her as much as possible. The second lead feels were hella strong. #SecondLeadSyndrome
He has a stronger sense of morals and a conscience than Jung and his twin sister. The only difference is originally in the webtoon the Baek siblings were mixed (one of their parents was a foreigner, but it didn’t specify). I will also admit that the drama painted In Ho in an even better light in comparison to his webtoon counterpart.

Baek In Ha is played by model and actress Lee Sung Kyung, who was known for her role in It’s Okay, That’s Love. She’s In Ho’s older twin sister. She’s incredibly spoilt, over confident, bad tempered, and leeches off of Jung’s family for money. In Ha is very flashy, pretty, and spends a great deal of money. She too is manipulative, and often tricks men into dating her and buying her anything she wants. In Ha spends money lavishly and has no shame. She’s also a bit of a psycho and a bitch. Baek In Ha is aware of Jung’s true personality, but doesn’t care and likes him. She doesn’t have as much of a conscience or sense of morals like her brother. The drama portrayal was a bit different. She was way more…dramatic and hella extra. Almost to the point where it was annoying and cringey most of the time. I love Lee Sung Kyung, but I wasn’t really sure if I liked the drama version of In Ha.  I do admit she was funny at times.


Jang Bo Ra is played by actress Park Min Ji. She’s basically one of Seol’s besties and speaks her mind. She’s loyal as hell to Seol and ready to throw hands. She only has her father, so Seol and Eun Taek are really important to her.

Kwon Eun Taek is played by actor Nam Joo Hyuk, famous for the more recent dramas Bride of the Water God and Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Random fact, he starred in Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo with Lee Sung Kyung. They ended up dating in real life, but broke up. Eun Taek is Seol and Bo Ra’s friend, and their lackey. He’s a good guy who also helps his friends. He’s got a crush on Bo Ra.

There are plenty of other characters, but these are the main ones. Again, the thing I liked about Cheese in the Trap was that there were diverse characters. Everyone had their own story, struggles, and problems. I liked seeing why they were like that. It really gave them depth and weight. I liked seeing how In Ho was more than how he appeared. I also enjoyed the supporting characters like Bo Ra and Eun Taek. Bo Ra heard Seol might have to take off from school. So she quickly and happily offered her trip money she saved for a year. Seol refused, but it showed that Bo Ra was a loyal friend who was ready to help when things got tough. She’s also ready to fight for Seol. Eun Taek also showed he was a great friend. He really came through in helping Seol as much as possible when her stalker was harassing her. They basically showed friendship goals. More than that, their interactions with each other was cute as well. They weren’t even the main couple, but you couldn’t help but like them and want to ship them.

I ship it. 

Production wise, it was really good. The settings looked great, and the production looked pretty high quality. I also appreciated the little transitions and effects that was a reference to the webtoon origins of Cheese in the Trap. I found the presentation of the intro to be interesting since it had that comic/webtoon style as well.

I liked some of the music. It was fun and refreshing. It had alot more indie kind of tracks. It fit the theme and all, but there weren’t really any songs that got stuck in my head. They were mostly tracks I maybe would play in the background while at a coffee shop. So the official soundtrack (OST) was nice, but nothing for me to get super excited about.
Now to my issues with this drama…

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead!]

One typical thing is the cut of the background story for the characters. I think it would’ve added to Jung’s character to show more of why he was so fucked up. He’s plenty fucked up in the drama, but the reasoning was a bit more vague. It’s not just the main characters though. Even supporting characters like Sung Cheol, Seol’s annoying sunbae, had background stories that were cut. Sung Cheol was a hella annoying douchebag. He always mooched off of everyone and was a show off. He did alot of shitty things that screwed people over. However, his story was that he came from a poor family in the countryside. He had alot of pressure to make his family and hometown proud. It’s what led him to choose to do some of those selfish and shitty things. They only just barely touched that in the drama. It would’ve definitely helped make people empathize a bit more with him. TA Heo’s boyfriend also had a good chunk of important stuff cut out. In the original he has a slightly deeper history with Jung than the drama. Not only that, but in a way he had an effect and is a witness to the beginnings of Jung’s twisted and manipulative personality.

I also would’ve wanted to see more of Ah Young, Seol’s close friend, and Seol’s brother. They had a bit more of a role in the webtoon, but as per usual the characters had much more minimal roles in the drama. These are only some of the examples. Again, the intriguing thing about the Cheese in the Trap webtoon, was the relationship and aspects of all the characters; The development of the stories and individual characters. However, the drama just focused more on the love triangle.

Speaking of love triangle, it really focused on Baek In Ho. There was more focus on the second lead than the main lead. I mean, it wasn’t so much a problem for me since I was team second lead anyway. However, it is problematic when the main character gets a significant amount of less screen time. You would’ve thought In Ho was the main lead. Also, it was just playing with the hearts of the viewers. They clearly made it look like it would steer one way, when it was obvious it would not. It’s not much of a spoiler…let’s face it…second lead doesn’t usually win, hence Second Lead Syndrome. This is also part of the cause that added to the downfall of Jung’s character portrayal. Focusing on Baek In Ho so much basically left out the opportunity to delve into Jung’s past and try to understand him.


However, my biggest issue is Jung and Seol’s relationship; Mostly Jung himself. I get the whole troubled past and personality thing. However, characters are supposed to grow and change. My issue is Jung ultimately never changed. He didn’t even really try to work on himself. For Jung, everything was only in black and white. You’re either with him or an enemy, and nothing matters as long as it accomplishes his ends. He was a sociopath with psychopathic tendencies at the beginning, and still one at the end. Sure, he changed when he decided he liked Seol. However, I felt like he really just saw Seol as an object or possession. He was possessive and got jealous. He was like a child upset that his favorite new toy would get taken away. When he thought Seol was leaving him, he was literally ready to just toss her to the side. Like, he was basically seemed quick to not give a fuck.  Most of her issues, most importantly the stalker issue, were originally caused by Jung himself. He manipulated people and situations to have certain outcomes happen. Jung felt no remorse and couldn’t comprehend why the things he did was wrong. He reasoned that because he didn’t have a direct hand in it, the cause and fault was with other people and not him. When it came to Seol’s stalker, Jung didn’t even deal with it directly. He again manipulated things, taking a slow route. Sure it ruined the stalker in the end, but it was disturbing to see his lack of immediate concern and pro-activeness as she was harassed. It’s like, “Dude! Your girlfriend is being stalked and harassed really bad! Where the fuck are you??” Meanwhile, Eun Taek and In Ho were literally there beside her and trying to do actual shit about it.

This is the expected reaction one would have over a lover or friend being harassed.

That alone was more than enough reason for me to prefer In Ho. When it came to Seol’s stalker, In Ho was literally there to fight him and to protect Seol. He saw the stalker and literally runs in to help, not thinking about the consequences. My favorite scene that gave me feels was when he was walking her home. He gave her a bag of self-defense items so she could protect herself if he wasn’t around. It was a really genuine and sweet gesture that showed he was only concerned about her and her well-being. The other main reason I liked In Ho was that ultimately he only wanted Seol to be happy. He never acted entitled to Seol and her affections, nor did he try to interfere with Seol and Jung’s relationship. He acknowledged he had feelings, but only wanted her to be happy and safe. Even when she chose to be with Jung, In Ho still supported and looked out for her as a good friend. When he thought Jung was no longer being sincere and would hurt Seol, he went to confront Jung. He’s aware of what Jung is capable of and was concerned for her. Again, it wasn’t a matter of him getting the girl, but concern over her well being. I was okay with if he didn’t get the girl. I was just impressed by his growth and his genuine and selfless actions. His character showed an amazing amount of growth and he really matured. It’s a stark contrast to Jung, who again was literally ready to toss Seol like garbage when he thought she might leave him.

This scene was adorable, showing his thoughtfulness and concern.

In my opinion, Jung was the epitome of a toxic relationship. I found the whole “I’m fucked up, but you’re the only one who can love and accept me” thing was complete bullshit. It was frustrating seeing Seol be like “I can fix him” and accept his unsettling actions. I’m not all for that “It’s okay, we’re two odd puzzle pieces that fit” bullshit. Yes, it’s great to stand by people through difficult things. If Jung had actually changed (or made the effort to change) by the end, then sure I’d have no problem. My problem was that he basically had no character development. He was still a manipulative sociopath until the very end. It was only at the very end did he finally do something somewhat right. However, he honestly was still the same. I found it disturbing how they romanticized the relationship and a majority of people supported it. Your ships are up to you, but being completely okay with overlooking unhealthy issues is a bit alarming. Seriously people, don’t take shit from people who treat you like garbage. That’s some fucked up shit.

Me for most of the drama.

So in conclusion, Cheese in the Trap was a good production. It had the makings of being a great drama. It was a great drama for exploring human relationships between the characters. It’s great if you like seeing the struggles and developments of different characters. As you can see, I did like it but was also perturbed by it. The downfall for Cheese in the Trap is that it should have built up the supporting characters a bit more, and it failed to deliver more background on the main characters. One of the main issues was that Jung was ultimately a portrayed as a very static character. My biggest issue was the toxic relationship between Jung and Seol. I’m a romantic myself, but I’m not for romanticizing that. Give the 16 episode drama a shot if you’d like, but be warned that the ending is incredibly frustrating. Also know that a movie version of Cheese in the Trap is in the works. Park Hae Jin will be reprising his role as Yoo Jung, but there will be new actors for all the other characters. I don’t know if I’ll watch it though. The actors are much too old to portray young university students, and I don’t know if I could put myself through this emotional roller coaster again. If you watched or read Cheese in the Trap, let me know what your opinions are!

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  1. This post is everything I felt and thought watching this drama. I didn’t see the webtoon, so I can’t comment on that head, but all of your other comments on the show felt spot on to me. Just watched the show recently, so I realize this show is probably no longer on your (or anyone else’s) radar. I just was happy to hear from someone else that saw the toxicity in the Jung/Seol relationship.

    1. Hey there!~ Thanks for taking the time to read my post. 😊 I’m glad someone else agreed with me! I originally watched CITT with my K-Drama Circle friends when it first aired. We still always talk about how appalled we are with the Jung/Seol ship haha. I was incredibly surprised (and still am) that alot of people saw nothing wrong with the Jung/Seol ship, but somehow saw In Ho as the toxic one. My friends and I felt like we’re the only ones who were like, “This is not okay???” So that’s basically why I decided to talk about CITT again~ I’m glad to see someone else had the same thoughts and concerns we did!

      1. Yes, ditto. I kept googling sociopath and psychopath to figure out which one Jung was more closely related to. Eventually he did end up opening to Seong but I kept thinking what would he do to her if she ever did decide to leave him. He wouldn’t let her!

    2. Hello! From Saipan, I’m currently rewatching the drama on Netflix and was looking up about it. I came across your blog and was saddened to find out a lot of people thought bad about Jeong/Jung. What you missed was that Seol was a bit odd too. She agrees to date the guy who was very mean to her. She grew a lot as a person because of Jeong. She wouldn’t have stood up against Minsu if it weren’t for Jeong, she wouldn’t have said anything to her parents who were unfair to her if she didn’t see thing in Jeong’s point of view. When she met Jeong she realized that she was a pushover and that she didn’t want to be one anymore. She wanted someone to rely on and honestly, Jeong was reliable. He’s a sociopath for sure but Seoul was exactly the person he needed. Someone who wouldn’t leave him but try to understand him when he was getting out of control. And Seol needed him to make her feel happy for once. She had someone to rely on, someone to comfort her in a way that her friends Bora and Euntak couldn’t ever do. Sure In ho is also a great catch, but can you honestly say he didn’t have issues? His behavior in high school was so bad. Eventually he’d get himself in trouble even without Jeong getting involved. For me Jeong did grow as a character. For me in the beginning thats when he felt like he was a twofaced person, as he was told by so many Yeonggun and even In ho and his own father thinks the same. But he met Seol and he realized he wasn’t a bad person. He was just always misunderstood. And the people he hurt were deserving of it. Just my take. Thanks

  2. Yesss, I agree with the above poster! Been a fan of the webtoon for ages, but I haven’t completed it since it’s still being translated into English. Watched the drama because the ending was their own and it wouldn’t spoil the webtoon ending for me. I was very pleased with most of the actors’ portrayals of the characters, although I felt like Jung in the drama lacked a lot of the charisma that webtoon Jung had. I loved In Ha super extra character, the actor who played Sang Cheol brought his annoying character to life, I wished for more assertiveness and strongminded character growth from Kim Go Eun’s portrayal but she held her own very well. And In Ho :'( I was rooting for him. The Second Lead Syndrome is very strong with me as well.


    The toxicity of the relationship frustrated me to no end!!! In the webtoon, there is this air of mystery still where Seol still doesn’t quite know the true nature of Jung, so I’m holding out for her to see him for what he is and be mortified and run in the other direction! (No spoilers on that end please if you know how the webtoon ends). But the fact that in the drama, she finds out his manipulative ways and over again goes back to him saying “It must have been a mistake” or “It’s okay as long as he doesn’t do it to me” or “I understand you and I will never leave you” – NO, HONEY! This is not healthy! How she became an apologist for his psychopathic tendencies when in the webtoon she is portrayed as a clever and intuitive character with strong moral leanings, I just can’t take it! 🙁 And how do you not even acknowledge the sweet person by your side who was with you every step of the way, even at the times when Jung wasn’t? I was hoping this drama would break the stereotype and the In Ho ship would win. Sad.

    Sorry for such a long venting post but tbh I have all these feels pent up inside after (recently) watching the drama and I’m glad someone else has identified these issues because I did not support such an awful relationship. I want to watch the movie but since I know Soonkki was involved in the production I’m not sure if it will ruin the webtoon’s ending for me.

    Thank you for your post!

  3. Hi, I came across your blog and your post spoke to me! Thank God, I’m not alone. I watched Cheese In The Trap while it was still airing but ended up not finishing it then just recently I re watched it again. I finally realized how toxic their relationship was. I just don’t get it how Hong Seol didn’t feel creep out by everything that happened tho she was aware of it. I’m 100% agree with you that the drama had to show character development for Jung. But he was just the same till the end. It’s so frustrating. I just wish he could put more effort in “changing himself” and be better person with the help of Seol. Baek In Ho gave me a major second lead syndrome, and I knew he didn’t get the girl in the end and I’m actually fine with it if only Jung got better and he finally “fixed himself” (which never happened, sadly).

    1. Hello!~ Thanks for stopping by and for reading and replying to my post! I’m glad you also saw the concerns with the Seol x Jung ship! I’m the type of person that will try to be unbiased and try to empathize with the different characters. However, it was almost impossible for me to feel anything for Jung. I was just so frustrated at what a static character he was. I think I would’ve definitely felt more understanding if he made any actual effort to change. However, we all know he was basically the same person until the very end. I was so happy and proud of Baek In Ho. I knew he wouldn’t get the girl, but I found him to be such an admirable character. I loved that he didn’t act entitled to Seol and just wanted her to be safe and happy. Not just because he had feelings for her, but also because she was a friend he cared about. I’m so proud and happy at how much he grew as a character. I just wished Jung went through even an ounce of that change as well.

  4. I’m glad to find somebody who also thought the Jung/Hong Seol relationship was toxic. I watched about 8 episodes of the drama and stopped, because Seol was driving me crazy with her constant excuses for Jung’s behavior. She was displaying the classic apologist attitude, and Jung was acting super possessive and overbearing, trying to control her rather than become a better person. Like, if it had been me, I would have definitely gotten out of it while I could, even if it hurt me emotionally. I’m currently counseling a friend who is trying to end a toxic relationship, so I understand firsthand how unhealthy Jung/Seol is. Hong Seol never learned her lesson, and totally overlooked Baek In Ho, who was by her side the whole time, trying to keep her safe and happy.

  5. Hello! Greetings (and apologies for any mistakes) from Brazil. I really liked your text and I feel better now that I found it. After finishing the episodes yesterday on Netflix, I went researching and felt devastated by all the support I found about Jung and the overly toxic and abusive main relationship. I had to skip most of the moments between Sheol and Jung because I was disgusted by his mistakes and her apologies. I wished with all my strength that there would be a change in the ship and that Jung would at least step aside and seek treatment, because, for me, the idea of ​​maintaining that relationship doesn’t seem right at all, even if he had some development as a character. I love Seol and if she were my sister or friend, I wouldn’t never let her near a psychopath, neither if there was much dialogue between them or his apologies. This is unacceptable. What comforts me is the open end, because I like to think that somehow and with the right time, she may have approached In Ho or another better boy. Anyway, congratulations and thanks for the text!

    1. Hi Gabrielle! Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my post! I totally agree. It wasn’t healthy and bugged me so much. I really liked Seol, and I was so pissed at the things she had to go through because of it. It’s unacceptable when someone refuses help and is unwilling to learn and change. I would’ve loved if she ended up with In Ho. I just like to think she ended up with someone who truly cared for her. Again, thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment! 🙂

  6. I sometimes feel like I’m another dimension when I read the webtoon comments. It hurts knowing so many people don’t see how toxic their relationship is. I need someone to breakdown the entire webtoon to finally show the commenters what they seem to be glossing over. When they compare inho to Jung and see no difference I’m genuinely appalled.

    1. I definitely feel you on that. I was always appalled when reading the comments for the drama and webtoon. It hurt and felt so uncomfortable to see people try to normalize it. My head hurt reading comments saying that Jung wasn’t being toxic at all, but In Ho was. I was just like, “…wuht…? Did…did we see the same thing or nah?”

  7. YESSS FINALLY SOMEONE WHO HAS THE SAME THOUGHTS. I really didn’t like Jung and was team In Ho all throughout, it felt weird to ship her with Jung when obviously he’s this psychopathic dude. I think that’s why I liked the open ending since I didn’t want her to end up with Jung at all, they had their cute/sweet moments tho:))

    1. Exactly! I hated that he didn’t change one bit. I wasn’t a super big fan of the ending. However, I did prefer this open ending as a chance to see that she didn’t end up with him as well. It was at least better than an ending where they did stay together with nothing changing. I’ll still always be team In Ho though~ haha~

  8. Hey! Super late on this post but I just recently finished reading cheese in the trap and honestly I had the exact same thoughts as yours and I lowkey freaked out a bit! For me, jung started out okay and needless to say I love baek in ho from the start (and consequently wished he’d end up with Seol because of the chemistry they had. She was always laughing with him and I really had the best time watching their scenes together rather than hers and jung’s) after a while I started to dislike jung a bit more cause all he did was tell in ho to stay away from Seol (I lowkey did feel like he could say that cause he was Seoul’s boyfriend but Seol obviously enjoyed her time baek in ho as a friend so ultimately the thing that irked was that whether baek in ho stayed friends with Seol or not had to be HER decision, not her boyfriends) I used to LOVE Seol a lot, how she stands up for herself and what not it was really nice!! But towards the end I think I got really tired with her. All she did was keep on giving excuses regarding jung’s behavior and further more just let it go because it didn’t happen to her and that just pissed me off so much cause??? That’s so fucking toxic to me. If he’d changed and she’d helped him change I wouldn’t have ANY problem with her and jung together but :((( The final straw for me was when everything in the past was revealed and when I found out why jung was so cold to baek in ho. And I HONESLTY couldnt accept it. Mostly cause I agree, baek in ho was wrong to a large extent, he was cocky and arrogant BUT, jung’s retaliation to that for me was WAY TOO much. Jung got his feelings hurt but Baek in ho got his life hurt. He had to stop his DREAM, run away with no money get involved with some bad guys (to get money) all while jung live peacefully with piles of money and never ending love from other people. That’s the part which pissed me off the most I think, for me it’s just wasn’t justified. After I finished cheese in the trap I went out to read comments and was shocked to find out people actually like jung??? And didn’t mention anything about the toxic relationship?? Man was I done with people then haha

    Super sorry for the rant, needed to vent!! Thanks for having the same opinion as me thought I was the only one going going crazy

    1. Hello there! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my rant! I’m glad you feel the same way! Honestly, sometimes I’d read the comments under the webtoon or drama and I was just dumbfounded. I totally agree with you. Jung did start out okay, and honestly he would’ve been an alright character if he showed any actual change or remorse. Like you said, I understand his feelings being her boyfriend and all. But like you said, it ultimately is Seol’s decision. It was clear that she didn’t see In Ho that way, so any normal boyfriend wouldn’t have to be that pressed. However, Jung was just being very possessive and toxic. To me it didn’t feel like he loved her, it just felt like he didn’t want to lose a toy or something. In Ho has his flaws, but I loved seeing him actually grow and feel remorse for his actions. I really wished Jung could have even a percentage of that. He really did retaliate too far, and it was sickening to see that he didn’t feel any real remorse. I did feel for Seol, but like you said…I really wished that she stood up for herself and didn’t gloss over Jung’s actions. Though I suppose that just proved what a toxic relationship it was.

      No worries! It’s been fun to read your rant! 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for replying x super glad I found some people who have the same viewpoint as me when it came to their love triangle!! I felt super depressed after I finished watching it cause I couldn’t fathom how people were okay with such a relationship haha. Have a great day!!

  10. I’m so glad others are acknowledging the toxic relationship between the 2 main characters. It made me SO mad when Seol started to date Jung, especially when she found out he sent her stalker after her. Like, how do you ignore those red flags?

  11. wow I just watched this and was thoroughly disgusted by lead male. I thought he was so wooden and unemotional. I could not see how a smart girl could choose someone that is so cool and stalking. Especially when she has a warm ,friendly person that is her protector that to me was way more handsomer than the lead by her side. Sigh and they wonder why women stay with abusers because shows like this push it. I see so many of the korean dramas and always want the girl to go with the nice guy instead of the one who treats her like dirt. I don’t think they are sending a good message to young girls by doing this.

  12. Am just finishing the drama and found this thread when googling psychopath and CITT, so obviously largely in agreement, but dismissing it as a toxic relationship doesn’t fully do justice to Seoul’s motivations. She struck me as deeply sympathetic to the extent of looking past Jung’s flaws to the person inside. She is totally unable to completely dislike/reject any of the characters who take advantage of her.

  13. I just finished watching it, I was hoping Jeong would redeem himself and change for the better. But up to the very end he was just plain selfish – breaking up and leaving Seol because he first needs to ‘learn how to love her properly’. How can you do that when you are not by the other person’s side? Although in the end I think it was good for Seol to not have that kind of relationship.

  14. http://www.ceritakorea.com/2016/03/cheese-in-the-trap-otp-yoo-jung-and-seol-are-perfectly-imperfect-couple/

    I think this article I linked describes why I was more into Jung and I’m so bad at explaining so I apologize for this mess. I didn’t like the drama at all. I’ve seen a few episodes and already there were a lot of things that didn’t fit with the webtoon in my opinion but I won’t get into that. What I will say is that the drama focused more on Inho/Seol and it didn’t focus on why Jung and Seol ended up together like the webtoon (i think but i didnt watch it fully). They didn’t show the heartfelt moments. The author of citt wanted others to see that relationships aren’t supposed to be perfect and they should accept each other’s flaws. Jung is a complex and interesting character and I loved reading about him to try and understand his personality. I think that’s why you see a lot of people commenting about liking Jung at the end of the webtoon bc Jung is a good person but he just as his problems and he’s not perfect. People missed the point the author was trying to make when they shipped inho and seol. It’s okay though! If you read the webtoon thoroughly and try to understand the characters and why they love each other (Jung definitely loved Seol and he explained it there) then you might end up loving the main couple like i did c: This is just for the people who are interested in wanting to understand why they ended up together but at the end of the day I respect all opinions! I really hope that some of you decide to do that because trying to understand the whole story is one of the reasons why this is my favorite webtoon. the article exlains it better than me though lmao.

  15. Wow!! This post is so relatable. I love Baek In-ho. Not only is he really sweet and caring, Baek In ho and Seol really have great conversations and an even better chemistry with each other. It’s heartbreaking they do not end up together, especially when they make so much sense. Sure, Jung helps her (after he starts liking her) but In ho helped her when he didn’t even know her. In-ho’s the one who teaches Seol to not be a pushover, he fixes her mood every time she’s down, they have an easy, friendly and simple relationship, and Seol doesn’t have to doubt his intentions every episode. I love male leads getting all jealous usually, but truly Inho and Seol’s relationship is too pure that it is irritating to deal with Jung’s jealousies. I adored Bo-ra and Eun-taek (who cannot?) as well. As far as I’m concerned In-ho sshi is THE ONE for Seol.

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post!~ Baek In Ho is just a sweetheart! He’s definitely one of my top 5 male leads~ I agree! I really wanted In Ho to get a happier ending. Although I was just super happy to see how much he grew. I liked In Ho because he did things to help her just for the sake of her being safe and happy. I liked that he didn’t have expectations or force his feelings on her. He wasn’t super sketchy with his intentions. He honestly was just a really good guy and a great friend. I totally know what you mean. It’s normal to have some jealousy… but Jung’s behavior and jealousy was just too much. Bora x Euntaek were just adorable~ I definitely shipped them haha. Honestly, same haha. Out of the two, I’ll always believe In Ho to be the one for Seol too!~

  16. I also find seol and Jung relationship is toxic. In both the webtoon and drama he’s toxic. I respect people’s opinion but honestly I don’t support that kind of relationship no matter what past or reason that was used.

    1. I totally agree. While his past might full in the blanks of why he is how he is, it definitely doesn’t excuse his toxic behavior or actions. I also respect people’s opinions, but it was just very alarming. It wouldn’t be as bad had Jung truly regretted and reflected on his actions, and genuinely tried to improve himself. I still don’t support the relationship, but it would’ve been much healthier and moving to see some progress towards a healthier relationship with their selves and each other. My issue is such toxic behavior and relationships do exist in real life. Often times, they’re much worse; Seeing as dramas are often just beautified extreme versions of real scenarios. So people blatantly letting such toxic behavior and actions slide is a big concern. :/

  17. Absolutely. I think Seol and In Ho had fun together and Seol was more comfortable in her skin. She just looked like she was in absolute misery whenever she was with Jung and was walking on eggshells around him: textbook abusive relationship. Jung gets a pass most of the times from people because he’s tremendously rich and Kdramas need to get over their whole chaebol complex. You don’t need a rich sociopath bf when you can be with someone who is loving, kind, hard working, and talented. I kept feeling so bad for In Ho and In Ha who are taken in by a rich father as companions for his son and then tossed aside. I mean who does that? The father is as sociopathic as Jung. Adopted kids are not use and throw!

    1. I absolutely agree! I feel like Seol and In Ho looked so much more comfortable around each other. It’s also just no good if your partner is constantly doing something that has/will bring you harm. And definitely! One’s status and riches doesn’t make a good boyfriend. It’s kindness, love, respect, and the willingness to improve oneself. I totally forgot to bring up the dad! But yeah, exactly! I think it’s actually canon in the webtoon that the dad was also a sociopath, but apparently Jung proved to be worse than his dad. I’m pretty sure In Ho and In Ha were brought in as companions in hopes of keeping Jung under control and making him “normal”. But that’s still incredibly messed up because they’re kids. Kids are meant to be taken in and loved, and be a part of the family. They’re not some tool of convenience to use and throw away.

  18. ugh. thank you!!! / im late to the party, but this article was everything i needed. like. WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS SHOW. youre so right – In-ho GREW, he had personality, he was WAY MORE ATTRACTIVE…. i mean a thousand percent more, so like yeah… and sometimes, we like the bella&edward toxicity, but THIS just wasnt tolerable. In-ho was the better option. why do kdramas do me like this?!? ahhhhhh

    1. Hey there!~ No worries haha~ I always enjoy reading people comment on this post~ I’m still Team In Ho even now haha. The show had alot of potential in that it really could’ve been a story about growth, and the patience, perseverance, and love it takes to grow and improve yourself. It certainly did a great job with that for In Ho. But it was just an absolute mess for the main ship. Definitely one of my least favorite KDrama ships of all time.

      1. Why don’t people understand that women do not have to fix men? I hate this trope so much and it’s pretty sad to see it accepted by so many, in both fiction and reality. Not only that, women should never be expected to play therapist for a “broken” person that refuses to get help. Seol already had troubles, many of which were caused by Jung. Why does she have to take on another challenge? Because he dotes on her? Because he’s a rich jaebol? Would we really be celebrating if your friend or family member were in a relationship akin to the background of Jung and Seol’s? Hell no. If we put the situation into reality, 99% of women in Seol’s situation would gtfo after realizing what Jung had done to her. Dunno why people keep on kumbaya-ing toxic relationships that on the surface come off as “romantic devotion”. Yawn.

  19. In my opinion, Jung is much more creepy in the webtoon than the drama, in the drama, he came across as very misunderstood. Everything she thought he did to her, other than being cold to her when others weren’t around, he hadn’t done. The only situation that I think he needs to take responsibility for is allowing in ha to play with young gon and put he and Seol together. However, in every situation, those characters did make their choices, TA Heo, chose to steal, he could have gotten him fired maybe even kicked out but instead just got Seol a job to call it even. Then instead of being grateful that he didn’t make a big deal out of it, he got mad at him and harassed Seol. Sung Cheol screwed over Seol, all he did was call him out, he didn’t even rat him out. Jung called the security guards for Seol without ratting out that girl. Min Soo was psychologically tormenting Seol, he knew she would reveal her true colors, but she cheated, she didn’t even cheat well. It is kinda manipulative but no more than any other character, some people play dumb to manipulate, some people talk louder to overwhelm their opponents, some people use guilt, some people use threats, some people use charm. In ho is just as manipulative, he gets close to Seol to irritate Jung and guilts her into buying him food, he literally made her spend over $100 in one night, he uses her for his own needs but because he’s better

    Now, I do think that the main toxic trait of their relationship is that Jung has control issues and is too secretive. But to call him a sociopath is inacurate, at least as far as the drama goes. He has feelings, he has morals, he just has never been able to freely express himself and that has affected his ability to connect with people He’s also too aware of people’s ulterior motives, he feels like he’s never met anyone besides Seol who has wanted to be with him for him not what he can offer. If anything, and this is still a stretch, he seems more like he’s a bit on the spectrum. But truthfully, he just has unresolved trauma that has stunted his emotional development. That doesn’t make him a sociopath, but it does make a recipe for an unhealthy relationship.

  20. I really agree with what you think. Imagine how good of a relationship Seol would be in if she had at least given Baek In Ho a chance. You can also conclude that Jeong never wanted to change even if it upset Seol; it only mattered to him if Seol would never leave him. On the other hand, Baek In Ho changed himself and started going back to play piano again. Plus, Baek In Ho and Seol related more to each other than Jeong and Seol. Baek In Ho knows and understands the struggles of Seol more than Jeong. Also, I pity Baek In Ha. I wish she had more love throughout the show but overall this show is a 10/10. Man, I was thrilled.

    1. Even though it’s been so long since I watched this show and wrote this post, I still wish In Ho was given a chance too~ As you said, it just came off as Jeong never really wanting to change. It just lacked sincerity for me. It all just only seemed like he did things only to fulfill what he wanted. Which like you said, was to make Seol never leave him. Personally, I don’t even think he felt genuine remorse regarding his past actions towards Seol. Again, it was just more like regret in that it was impacting and impeding his current goals of wanting Seol and having her not leave him. But I do love In Ho actively changing. He just came off as a much more genuine and sincere character, and I think that’s why he was so much more likable for me. Also, wanting to change and actively putting effort into it shows that he wanted the change and improvement for himself as well, not just for others. Overall, I also just loved the Seol x In Ho interactions more too. Like you said, they related more to each other than Jeong. It was also just much more wholesome and definitely displayed more genuine care and concern IMO. But even if Jeong doesn’t really have the experiences as Seol, what bothered me was that he didn’t really try to understand. It just felt superficial, cuz again, it just felt like he was only putting on an act just so he could keep Seol. I do agree and wish that In Ha received more love. I definitely wish the show had put in more about In Ha and In Ho’s background from the webtoon that had been cut out in the drama. I think that would’ve helped relate to In Ha and her actions more.

  21. I just want to say; thank you for saying what needed to be said about Jung x Seol. I, too, believe in growth and didn’t see enough in Jung. I heard from a real relationship therapist say “look at how he/she treats others. They will treat you the same.” It’s crazy how Inho was actually right about Jung hurting Seol. In the end, it was a very toxic relationship with some cute scenes. Second lead syndrome from me too.

    1. Hello~ Sorry for the late reply, but thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post! It’s been a couple years since I originally posted it, but I’m glad to see someone else also agrees! But yeah, I just think Jung just didn’t have enough (barely any really…) growth. And while fiction/fantasy isn’t real, it just was really off-putting to see such a toxic relationship be so blatantly romanticized. I really loved Inho’s growth and development though~ haha~ He’s still one of my top fave second leads~

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