Drink Well, Stay Happy – Love Is Like A Cocktail Season Review

Drink Well, Stay Happy – Love Is Like A Cocktail Season Review

This show has been a brief respite in the sad overture that is my life at times. I’m going to keep this one rather brief because I’ve been busy with grad school and work and this amazing blog. As many of you likely know, I’m not the most emotional or feeling person in the world. I daresay most of BAYOG think of me as some sort of sociopathic monster but regardless, this show has a peaceful effect on me. I was told it was an interesting little show that would have little plot development or twists or turns. This was a sweet show about a working wife and her husband that makes her drinks, then getting subsequently super cute and I enjoyed every minute of its simple charm.

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There was admittedly a bit of backstory where we find out not only how Chi-chan met her husband but also how they began to feel for one another and Sora’s amazing bar tending skills. They met after her lemon key chain was left behind and she stumbled back to the bar where he was working. She shares her first time with him and really cuts lose. (Drinking guys, get your mind out of the gutter) And so begins our story of how these two became just the most adorable damn couple I’ve seen in a while.

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Overall I’ve loved the animation and art for this show. From the adorable face Chi-Chan makes whilst drunk, to the random lemon bartender assistant, to the drinks and food it always leaves me wanting more. The voice work was also pretty good with Chi-Chan being able to jump from serious business woman mode to kawaii af in no time flat. Musically, we don’t get much more than a western style upperclass bar background tune during drink time and the ED at the end, but both are pretty cheery and I have no complaints about them. Of course the main draw for me is the alcohol recipes included in most episodes. I’ve managed to impress a couple friends and colleagues by mixing some things I literally just saw from these cards. (Mind you I had to constantly try to remember approximations on ml conversions)

Writing this review whilst drinking also makes me really empathize with Chi-Chan who has a stressful and busy job and finds her husband and his cooking, along with some drinks to be her main way of cutting lose and having fun. I suppose the main take away from this show that I value as a real and honest life lesson is that you should always make sure you have time for work-life balance. As someone who has rather intense moments at work, doing things like this blog, running, painting, Muay Thai, drinking, and gaming with BAYOG keep me sane and happy. I’ve known many people burn out from the lack of stress relief, and while I try to not talk about anything other than reviews here (mostly because readers don’t give a shit) if there’s anything you take from an article of mine, please take care of yourself. If you go to sleep and wake up in a sad or angry mindset, work at improving it so you can start enjoying the day as you start it and can look back happy as it ends. So what did you think about this short bundle of adorable? Using my new anime emotion system, on a scale of Chisato to Chi-Chan what was your opinion?

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