Inuyashiki – Too Bad It Was Only 10 Episodes

Inuyashiki – Too Bad It Was Only 10 Episodes

Ever seen an adaptation so good, you were disappointed by it? That just happened to me. While it was adapted spectacularly and I really have no issues with how they animated it, I have more of an issue with the ending of the manga which they also adapted almost spot on. It’s still a great show, making a solid 8 on MyAnimeList, and is worth the watch. Who knows, maybe you won’t hate the ending as much as I did.

Spoiler Warning ahead!

Let’s start with the good. The story of both Hiro and Inuyashiki rediscovering themselves and the ensuing battle of good versus evil is thrilling. Watching Inuyashiki’s good deeds is inspiring even if half the time he saves someone he’s just praying to God. Following Hiro is like watching a trainwreck and laughing at it. Seeing what crazy things Hiro does next and how society handles it always left me at the edge of my seat. The story as a whole is a great experience and one I’d recommend watching (or even reading) at least once.


The animation, for when it’s done right, is excellent. I still use the scene in the park with kids beating the homeless guy as an example of the quality animation this show can put out. Not only that but the fight scene between Hiro and Inuyashiki at the end has some amazing character animation. Literally, all the budget for that scene went into animating the characters and the backgrounds ended up being ripped from Superman 64. Some of the CG was questionable throughout the show but it’s definitely more bearable than some other CG anime.


My biggest complaint goes back to the source material. They ended the story with an Armageddon styled asteroid threatening the planet. You can argue the aliens that made Hiro and Inuyashiki what they are sent the asteroid to erase their mistake from the universe. This scenario is the most likely but there’s nothing definite about it. It overall feels like a rushed ending. It gave some closure to Hiro’s story but Inuyashiki’s story was just left without a satisfying ending. His family started to appreciate him more, they spent more time together as a family and his kids were pursuing their dreams and standing up to bullies. Inuyashiki saved the world but the newly repaired relations in his family could never be explored further. It just was not a satisfying ending to me.


Overall the show worked hard to achieve the 8 out of 10 on MyAnimeList. It’s a solid recommendation for any fan of action and stories of morality. Give it a watch, or give it a read, either way, it’ll be the same exact story and that’s my favorite part of it. Inuyashiki is done airing and available to binge on Anime Strike. Let me know what you think in the comments! Was anime Trump everything you expected?


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