Throw-Money-At-The-Screen Thursday! My Thoughts on Monster Hunter World Beta

Throw-Money-At-The-Screen Thursday! My Thoughts on Monster Hunter World Beta

So this past weekend, Capcom ran an open beta of Monster Hunter World on PlayStation 4. Tl;dr I’m throwing money at it, possibly twice. The beta has revitalized my love of Monster Hunter and this next installment is definitely one you should get into. First time hearing about the franchise? Well now is perfect because this game caters to both the hardcore fans and the newcomers.


I didn’t actually get into the franchise until Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS. After playing that I got hooked. I sunk countless hours into 4U and also into Generations when that was launched. The gameplay is something I never knew I wanted until I gave it a shot. The action combat with the large variety of weapons in combination with the massive amount of monsters to hunt make every hunt unique or feel fresh when I want to try a different weapon.


Monster Hunter World is soon to be the newest installment in the franchise and the beta happened this past weekend, one month before its official release date. When the trailers first showed up, people were skeptical about it because it didn’t show any combat. Now after playing the beta, this is through and through a Monster Hunter title. The weapons feel just as smooth as they do in the previous games. New quality of life features were added to some weapons, such as the hunting horn now being able to queue up three songs and play them all in a long recital. Insect glaive, one of my favorite weapons, is further solidified as the king of the skies with their new aerial dodge and additional aerial attacks. The game is a very much welcomed addition to the franchise and a great introduction to the majority of the western market.


The closest mainstream game I can relate Monster Hunter to is Dark Souls. If you’re a fan of Dark Souls, definitely look into Monster Hunter World. If you like action games in general, look into Monster Hunter World. This game is very welcoming to newcomers. Seeing friends brand new to the franchise fall in love with hunting brought a massive smile to my face. Monster Hunter World will be out on PS4 and Xbox One January 26th, 2018 worldwide. A PC release has been mentioned but no date has been given for that yet.

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