We need you!

We need you!

Hello everyone!

We are currently in a bind. As much of many of you know, life is hard. There’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done. UNLESS we can finally get a hyperbolic time chamber. As writers on this platform, we have to watch a bunch of anime and talk about it but life is kind of getting in the way. As much as we have been trying to get a post out a day, it’s been getting harder and harder. This is where you come in!


We are looking for some contributors to be a part of our team! We are looking for someone who loves anime as much as we do. Someone who watches seasonal anime and wants to share their thoughts/opinions weekly. If this is not you, don’t worry, we are also looking editorial writers and game reviewers. We REALLY NEED game reviewers since we have been missing the gaming content on our website.


I created Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers to one day become a community. We have high hopes to do things in the future to get our names out there. Well, not so far future since we will possibly be doing our first panels in 2018. I always wanted to contribute to the anime community in my own way and hope I can do it with BAYOG. Everyone on my team has the same vision and we will work hard to get there.


Sorry, this post is different than our usual content but we need help! If you are interested in being a part of our team, send me an email blackandyellowotakugamers@gmail.com. I’d love to see samples of work but at the same time, I started with nothing. I had a lot of help from our editor so if you have the passion, we don’t mind helping mold you into a better writer. That’s it for me. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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