Just As Cute As Before – Love Is Like A Cocktail – 2/3rds Season Review

Just As Cute As Before – Love Is Like A Cocktail – 2/3rds Season Review

So in my catching up on mid-season and trying to not run through too many shows I now find myself with an interesting Boss Rainbow Mountain Blend Coffee and a review I cranked out in a pumped up mindset knowing that I have about a dozen errands to run/things to do. The need to do work and time constraint led me to the urge to drink but the inability because I have to be a productive damn human being. I found a suitable compromise in time by choosing to do this on Love is Like a Cocktail. I know some people have dropped this because its explicitly a short slice of life with a twist of alcohol. As far as I’m concerned, this is precisely my kind of slice of life.

It seems like my habit is to write about this show Sundays after a time out with friends, and to be honest it kinda works for me. Unlike the 3/4 episode review, I didn’t wake up feeling like death because of alcohol but in lieu of it, so I pumped out the coffee and watched this show and just found it relaxing. We start off with a sweet episode based around drinking to help ease the pain of work, non-alcoholic of course. Sora once again demonstrates his abilities to be a caring and wonderful husband in the support role. Then we encounter Chi-Chan’s coworker outside of work and find that she too, is an adorable drunk. This leaves me wondering why all the women I meet are just sad or angry drunks, but I digress. Episode 7 dives into Chi-Chan scared of a horror flick on the TV as Sora watches and then provides her with some “coffee.” A few sips later, she realizes it was alcohol and hits a rather adorable “cute” scary. The rest of the episode is her clinging to him because she’s scared. And nothing else. The last episode as of this writing has Sora sick and Chi-Chan try her hand at being the caretaker (and also being not “cute” scary) but does so to comedic effects.

All in all, I was told and have repeated that this show is really just a slice of life with nothing more or nothing less happening. It has a cute dynamic with a stay at home husband and a hard working, yet clearly inhibited wife. Personally, I sympathize with drinking helping ease the pain of work. Non alcoholic of course. Also I do find it funny to watch this show because the characters are so entertaining and likable. I’m even pretty sure her boss is the guy who voices Stardust Crusades era Joesph Joestar. Overall this is a short article on a short show and I highly advise anyone to watch it because its a short, and catching up right now will take you 24 minutes, which is the time it takes to watch a normal episode of something. So give it a shot and let me know what you think in a comment below and please don’t forget to like and/or subscribe to help me ease the pain of cleaning something like this in the sink.

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