Midseasons are upon us Just Because!

Midseasons are upon us Just Because!

So we’ve learned more about these amazing characters. We’ve learned about the history between some of the friends and we’ve seen their interactions with their new friends. Just how well has this romance anime developed? Pretty well I might say and it’s well worth the watch. I’ve actually delayed publishing this just to watch episode 7 because that week break just after episode 6’s ending was killing me.

Spoiler Warning! Events in episode 7 are covered in this article.

Haruto finally confesses his feelings to Hazuki but she swiftly declines. This led to awkwardness between the two for quite some time. The awkwardness even made the LINE chat almost nonexistent for a few episodes. But after talking to Natsume, Hazuki decides to maybe give Haruto another shot, not really dating yet but they’re still friends frequently chatting and maybe something can develop from that. Honestly, Haruto should just move on instead of getting led on like this but I’m more glad that these two reduced the love-pentagon into a love-triangle now.


In addition to expanding the relations between the four we’ve gotten to know well in the first few episodes, Komiya has developed into quite an interesting character. We learn just how dedicated she is to the Photography club by how much she wants to submit Izumi’s picture to the competition. She and Izumi end up becoming fast friends even though Izuma was clearly annoyed by her at the beginning. Komiya, however, learned of Izumi’s feelings toward Natsume and said she’d support him but soon discovered her own feelings for Izumi.


After the Natsume and Hazuki talked things over, Natsume gave Haruto an eraser seemingly out of the blue. It’s a sign that she moved on. Now her real feelings for Izumi are starting to come out. Whenever she saw Komiya and Izumi together, she always expressed a sense of jealousy but never fully realized what she’s really feeling. It wasn’t until Komiya confronted her asking if she can ask Izumi on a date that she realized how she felt about Izumi.

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This show is really shaping up to be a damn good romance. It’s definitely a more serious romance and before the last episode, I thought everything was going to end in sadness. Well, there will still be sadness for Komiya unfortunately. I’d hate to see her get crushed but the new love triangle is sure to bring a lot of drama into the mix. This is definitely a romance you should pick up now if you haven’t yet. It’s airing on Anime Strike unfortunately but give it a watch because it’s just going to get better from here.

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