Throwback Thursday: Anime OPs

Throwback Thursday: Anime OPs

Okay. So, I’ll be honest. I don’t really have much to talk about this week for a Throwback Thursday. What I do want to talk about is anime openings! Not just any openings but my favorite openings. Since this is technically a Throwback Thursday post, I will make sure that we kick it old school. This will not be in any particular order so please don’t hate me if an OP should be placed higher. Let’s jump right in!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OP 1

Yui – Again

As much as this series is fairly new to me(since I initially avoided it like the plague), Fullmetal Alchemist has been around for years and Brotherhood didn’t come out that long after the first series. This anime always knew how to strike a chord with me and the first OP for Brotherhood is no stranger to giving me this feeling. I love the music, the large story it tells within a few seconds of the intro, and the action Bones continues to deliver. This OP will always have a place on my top 5 list of OPS.


Bleach OP 1

Orange Range – Asterisk

Bleach was the gateway anime to my return back to the anime world. Instead of being brought to soul society, I was brought back to the world of anime and manga. I found a new found courage to not care what anyone thought because of what I liked to watch. As much as there’s some sentimental value, the OP is so great and holds up so well after all this time. This OP wasn’t a traditional “Make this show look cool” OP. They tried new things stylistically while giving these characters cool designs instead of spoiling the events of the series.

Yu Yu Hakusho OP 1

Smile Bomb – Matsuko Mawatari(English dub – Sara White)

You’re probably wondering, why did he link the dub? WELL, there are a few reasons for this. I for one hate dubs but I will say that Yu Yu Hakusho falls into this select few of anime that are just incredibly well done. I even loved the English dubbed OP much more than I did the Japenese version. Such a great upbeat tune that prepared me for whatever this anime had to offer me.

Samurai Champloo OP

Nujabes feat. Shing02 – Battlecry

Battlecry’s not only one of my favorite OPs but also one of my favorite songs. Samurai Champloo didn’t just introduce me to Shinichiro Watanabe’s genius direction but also one of the greatest selection of music for an OST.  This series also introduced me to Nujabes, another musical great that was taken too early from this world. Which also reminds me, Watanabe is currently working on another anime that’s centered around music like Samurai Champloo HYPE!

Cowboy Bebop OP

Seatbelts – Tank!

One. Two. Three. LET’S JAM! Cowboy Bebop’s OP is one of the most recognizable OPs ever. Many people would even say it’s THE BEST of all time. I personally love some OPs more but there’s just SOO MUCH to appreciate about this OP. It highlights all the great things about the series, once again, without spoiling anything. It’s just impossible to talk about old school OPs without talking about Cowboy Bebop.

Thanks for taking the time read through some of my top old school OPs. I would love to hear what your favorite OPs are. Please leave a comment below! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Gobble Gobble.

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  1. That first Bleach opening is fantastic. I always enjoy hearing those first notes because I just remember how relaxing and fun it was to watch that first season of Bleach. Thanks for sharing.

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