King’s game: First Impressions… Wtf

King’s game: First Impressions… Wtf

So, this anime sucks. Just being honest. I wanted to give this series a chance and hope for the best but it’s just bad. I should’ve listened to @rokutsu… Don’t tell him I said that though. So yeah, this article will be about me shit talking everything that is King’s game and why it’s the perfect anime to watch just so you can make fun of it with friends.


King’s game is about this character that no one cares about. Said character somehow won the King’s game. Oh yeah. The King’s game is a game where you receive a text message and you have to follow all of their orders. If you don’t… you die. How riveting. Now that he’s in a new school, the games begin once again. That’s the premise. Stupid right?


So you are probably wondering, what is my problem? Why am I so bothered by this series? Well, it’s just not trying to be interesting. Everything about it is just hard to watch with little to no attempt shown to display effort. This seems like a series made to push people to read the manga if there’s someone interested enough but will never push anyone into actually completing the series. This is just how I’ve felt about this series since I started it. I was so glad to watch three episodes of it just so I can say that I gave it a shot and dropped the fuck out of it.


The first thing that bothers me is the lack of effort in handling blood. It just doesn’t even look like blood. I’d rather compare it to mud over blood. It’s just awful. Not sure if they just intentionally avoided making it look like blood but it’s not good. At all. Not just blood but the facial expressions they give for the people that die. They just don’t even look like they tried… as in the studio. Not the people dying. Noone should try to die. They just to make weird distorted facial expressions and stick their tounges out. This all falls under what I mentioned about lack of effort. It’s not hard. These things are fairly simple and I think some of them are like this in the manga but someone must’ve liked it. *shrug*


So, with all these issues I’ve described above, what is King’s game’s redeeming quality? There is none. Normally you would hope that character development and story can carry the weight but there’s a large cast with absolutely no characters that actually stick out. They tried to do this thing where they made the “love interest” have ulterior motives like in Classroom of the Elite but it was just not great. Even if you were surprised by it, you just shrugged it off.

Three Episode Test: FAILED


There’s not much else to say about this series. It’s only redeeming quality is having something that’s so bad, it’s funny, to watch with your friends. It’s that bad. The best way I can explain it is when you scroll through all the shitty horror movies on Netflix just to get a laugh. That’s where this kind of series should live. That’s all I got for you. Let me know what you think about the series in the comments below. Do you think I’m wrong and King’s Game is the anime of the season? Probably not but let me know down below.


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  1. I agree, this one is right up there with most bad horror stories which is kind of why I’m enjoying it. I like watching bad horror as I find it highly entertaining picking them apart, laughing at moments where they try to be serious, and rolling my eyes at stupid characters who then die. I will admit however that by episode 5 this show is pushing even my tolerance for how bad the plot is at this point. Seriously, they need to do something in the next couple of episodes to figure out what they actually want to do with this series because at the moment this is going from amusingly bad horror to just dull and that is where even I’ll walk away from the show.

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