The Perfect Thing To Ease A Hangover – Love Is Like A Cocktail 3/4-Episode Test

The Perfect Thing To Ease A Hangover – Love Is Like A Cocktail 3/4-Episode Test

So as a reminder that I am in fact getting old, I went and partied late last night to celebrate Halloween with some co-workers and friends. In this, alcohol in considerable quantities and varying quality was consumed. Waking up sore, dehydrated and cranky I rolled over and to ease what might have been my first ever hangover (light and sound were fine, my head just kinda hurt) I booted up the shortest show on my list. In the recent vein of me being obsessed with beautiful and/or interesting anime shorts, I recently picked up Love is Like A Cocktail, or Osake Wa Fuufu Ni Natte Kara and it’s damned cute.


The show is about the closest thing to a slice of life that I can tolerate to be honest. It follows career woman Chisato Mizusawa and her husband, Sora in quick 3 minute bursts of their lives. While this in and of itself is not really all that interesting, the twist to this show is that it focuses primarily on an alcoholic beverage that Sora masterfully crafts for his wife who when drunk, becomes incredibly adorable. I mean, extremely, earth-shatteringly, unreasonably, fuck ass adorable. And honestly, I love it. The content is really all just fluff with no plot, just adorable unquestioning love and I dare say my shriveled hypotrophic cardiomyopathy riddled heart enjoys watching this show to kind of act as a chaser to the horrors of life that surround me.

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Sora speaking truth right here.

One of the main story features that I absolutely love and originally kept me watching this show was the fact that it has a great gimmick of showing you the recipe card for the drinks being made as well as a bit of information about the drink. This could range from pairings, to the history of the drink, to just simply explaining some fun fact about an ingredient. (Did you know that ripened lime actually turn yellow to look akin to lemons?)

The other main story component that I normally don’t give a damn about but I think is done very well is the reversal of gender stereotypes here. Chi-chan is a career focused and serious business woman at her PR firm. She is well regarded by her colleagues and peers and seems to be almost a machine for how nonchalant she acts. As stated before, this all changes the second she gets a drink in her. The other half of this is that Sora is a loving husband who cooks, cleans, and otherwise takes care of the home as a househusband (props to spell check for not flagging that as “not a word”). While some people could complain and moan that this sort of arrangement is demeaning, I have to admit Sora seems to be perfectly comfortable having his wife bring home the bacon. He does however have some traditionally manly moments, like when Chi-chan fell and busted her ankle. Upon hearing of this he visited and carried her around town on his back to the clinic to get checked and back home. This particular episode had a fun little moment where she stated she wanted to get buzzed and he made a Cinderella for her, a drink consisting of 1 part Orange Juice, 1 part Pineapple Juice, and 1 part Lemon Juice. Chi-chan of course gets to her happy buzzed and adorable manner, but as you may have noticed from my listing, there is no alcohol in this. While they imply some people can sometimes think themselves into being drunk, you have to wonder if maybe she just uses the alcohol as an excuse to be just cute af.


Well that’s all I have to say on the show, besides you should go an watch it because honestly, its a 3 minute short and pretty cute. The art style and animation is all pretty well done with cute caricatures thrown in for fruit components but the people and characters are all great to look at whenever. The ED is a cheery little diddy that caps off each episode pretty damn well. Voice acting wise, I love hearing the transition from serious and reserved Chisato saying she wants to get buzzed, to Chi-chan being buzzed and letting her hair down and just being the sweetest damn thing in the world. Do you have any other short’s you’re watching? Do you also like to drink and watch anime? What do you think of this show? Feel free to like and/or subscribe and let me know below in a comment!

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