Writing a First Impression Article Just Because!

Writing a First Impression Article Just Because!

After Tsuki ga Kirei, I wasn’t sure if there would be another romance that would hook me just as fast. I was wrong. Just Because started like the typical story with the new transfer student in the last year of school, but there’s something different. The transfer student knew a few of the students at his new school. What history do they have? How will their relations unfold now?


The story does a really good job at drawing in the viewer. Eita is a rather mysterious main character. He’s rather reserved which is a good contrast to his friend Haruto, a loud and expressive guy. The chemistry between these two characters are amazing and you can tell they’ve been friends for a while. The love interests of Natsume and Morikawa also add a lot of charm to the show. Natsume likes Haruto, and this is known to Eita, but Haruto like Morikawa and goes absolutely mindless when it comes to her.


The animation is outstanding. The show has heavy LINE usage between the characters and the way they integrate it into the scene is pretty creative. One scene Eita was walking down a hallway and the message bubbles were following him. It is sometimes hard to follow; needing to read the messages when some show up for a split second but I find it charming especially with how the characters rely on it to interact when away from each other. Basically, all facial reactions in this show are meme-worthy.


The show airs on Anime Strike on Thursdays (maybe, Amazon has a habit of delays). I don’t know where it’ll go from here but I look forward to watching this bundle of romantic tension move forward. So far, Just Because is in my top 5 for this season. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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    1. It’s a good watch. It has its serious moments but it also has some good laughs and characters to it.

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