Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYONDDDD: The Gang’s Back!

Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYONDDDD: The Gang’s Back!

As the title states, THE GANG’S BACK! IM SO EXCITED! I’ve been waiting all year for this sequel. The first season left such a massive impression on me and It didn’t seem like there were any other series that were remotely similar to it, currently nor when it was airing in 2015. There were many concerns when it was announced that there was a new director at the wheel but I’m here to tell you, there’s nothing to fear, BBB AND BEYOND is here!


Normally I give you a long synopsis explaining what the series is about but honestly, you’re better off going in blind. Whenever I ask anyone about the show and they haven’t watched it, I just show them the first two episodes. That’s enough for you to decide if the show is for you and more than enough information to know what kind of show you’re walking into. I will only say that it’s a fun ride from beginning to end and anyone can find something great out of it.


As I mentioned before, this show left a massive impression on me. With that massive impression, it also left an even larger hole. I couldn’t find another show that would keep me as entertained and engaged like this one did. With this kind of anticipation for a season 2, I was still able to walk away from the first episode with my expectations met even with a whole new director. That’s huge. As much as it wasn’t a very smooth transition between the two, you can tell that the choice of the new director was a perfect fit for its sequel.


There are a few things that I usually look for in a sequel for me to know that it’s good.

  1. The energy and feel of the first season are properly implemented in the next season.
  2. The characters that didn’t get the screentime that they deserved in the first season get the spotlight.
  3. Questions of season one are answered or AT LEAST hinted at.

Thankfully, season two of Blood Blockade Battlefront is checking all of these off in the first three episodes! It’s also a nice touch seeing as some time has passed. You really get to see how Leonardo has fully accepted the crazy antics that come with this even crazier city called Hellsalem’s Lot.


The only things I can really say negatively about the show are things that just show how nitpicky and critical I can be. I will say that when I first saw the OP and ED, I was slightly disappointed. Not to say they are bad songs with bad visuals but I was just SO in love with “Hello, World” and “Sugar Song to Bitter Step.” Now that I’ve watched the OPs and EDs throughout my three episode test, I can say that they grow on you. They are perfect choices that really fit the mood of this season.

Three Episode Test: PASSED

I recommend Blood Blockade Battlefront to you all! AND BEYOND! I strongly recommend it to people who enjoyed the following series:

Thank you for taking the time to read my first impressions of BBB AND BEYOND! Please leave a like down below and a comment so I can hear your thoughts about this series.

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