Throwback Thursday: A special in-school living club! School Live!

Throwback Thursday: A special in-school living club! School Live!

Before I begin, I highly recommend watching at least the first episode 100% blind. That being said, I will try to keep spoilers as minimal as possible because this show is worth the blind ride.


Light Spoilers ahead, be aware!

School Live is the story of a club. It’s a unique club where all its members live basically in the club room. This slice of life follows the club antics of Yuki and her clubmates Kurumi, Ri-san, and Miki, along with their club advisor Megu-nee. Each episode documents a part of the club’s school activities and shows how well these characters are getting along both within the club and with the rest of the school. The show literally opens up with the club’s pet dog running around causing havoc during classes.


The characters are amazing. We get a backstory on these characters as the show moves on and we see how each of them gradually find their way joining the club. The interactions between the club members make you fall in love with them. Especially learning more about the reason the club was founded helps you realize why some characters behave in certain ways toward each other.


The art in the show is amazing. Colors are vivid and the animation on the characters are simply adorable. When the show does hit the serious moments such as the characters transferring or leaving the club or even getting lost during the mall trip the art direction fits the mood and really makes you feel the sadness or fear running through the characters at that moment. It does have its bubbly, lighthearted moments like Taromaru’s bath that just make you feel all warm inside.


You probably have a lot of questions why I’m praising this show right now. I went into it blind thinking it was going to be a typical school-life slice of life anime, but it was more than that. It was the story of 4 amazing friends and their silly club adventures. It’s a deep dive into the minds of these 4 girls living on school grounds and how they make due with what the school allows them to accomplish.

Now you’re probably wondering why a club that revolves around students living in the school was formed. Well, that’s going to be left to you to watch and find out. It’s available on Crunchyroll. I directly linked to episode 1 because Crunchyroll spoils things in the cover art and synopsis. This show is well worth the watch and realizing as I write this that the manga is still ongoing, I may have to pick up a new manga. Let me know what you think in the comments! Did you go in blind? Is Kurumi best girl?

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  1. I loved School Live though I definitely found the second half to be a bit weaker than the first half. Still , it us a great watch with some great reveals along the way.

    1. I agree with your comment about the second half. After the start, I mostly only watched it for 2 characters specifically but it was still a fun ride overall though.

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