The Future of Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers

The Future of Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers

First off, I’d like to apologize for the lack of content from me. So much has been happening behind the scenes but know that it’s to better BAYOG. BAYOG wasn’t meant to just be a blog but a community. We know that this takes time and we planned to go the long run with it. I want to share with you, our audience, what we’ve planned for the remainder of 2017.


Growing our Podcast

As some of you may know or are already following it, we have a podcast! We may not promote as heavily as we should but we’ve been very consistent. We stream live on Twitch every Wednesday at 9pm EST. We also release it on Youtube, iTunes, Google Play Music and Soundcloud. If you’re not subscribed to any of them, please do! We would greatly appreciate it. I believe you’ll have as much of a great time listening to it as we do recording it. The last two podcasts, we featured some very special guests and we may add more in the future. We’ve been throwing around the idea of a drunk podcast talking about the live action Death Note. So, we have great things to come in the future!

Our Most Recent Podcast on YouTube:

Google Play Music:…

Brand New Website

I’ve been working on building our site from scratch. When I say from scratch, I mean that I’m building it from the ground up.


  • I have a lot more control and I can do much more with BAYOG without paying a ton of money for a business account on WordPress.
  • This will allow us to get more data and be able to use Google Analytics.
  • This project gave me a ton of first-hand experience with building websites since I am transitioning into a web developer position with my job.


  • We will not be utilizing Wordpress anymore.
  • We will most likely lose a chunk of our following because of these changes since the WordPress reader makes it so much easiar for people to follow our content.

As much as this will be a smooth transition from a non WordPress user perspective, it will be hard to retain some of the anibloggers we’ve met through WordPress. This won’t happen anytime soon. I’m looking at maybe making the transition in 2018 but I want to make sure there’s some transparency.

New Contributors/Gaming Content

As you know, we are the Black and Yellow Otaku GAMERS. We do not provide half as much content on games as we should. Granted, it is much tougher to regularly post about video games. I can write five different articles in one week about anime while, the most we can get out of gaming content is full reviews or maybe reviewing demos. We are actively looking for ways to provide more gaming to this audience. We totally have anime covered. In the future, you may see more BAYOG plays content. Please let us know what you think about it so we can look to improve any way we can.

Since we have the anime section covered, we will definitely need some assistance in the gaming field. If you’re a writer looking to provide some insight on your thoughts about some of your favorite games or any upcoming games, please let us know! You can either hit me up on twitter @Blackatron_ or send us an email


So, thank you so much for being apart of this ride. We have many other things we want to do but the above is what is currently in the works. Our main goal for our anniversary is to host our podcast as a panel at one of the cons we go to in 2018. Hopefully, you’re all having a wonderful day and labor day weekend (if you celebrate it where you are).



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  1. hey, ive been in a similar position before with my own site, so i wanted to chime in. it sounds like you’ve got a cool plan going. wanting more control over a website is something i can relate to. but based on your pros and cons list, i was wondering if you guys knew it was possible to install wordpress on a non-wordpress server. you’d still have control over the website, but your website would be visible as a wordpress site and could be access with reader.

    1. You bring up a very good point. I knew this was an option but I went with a different CMS for multiple reasons. If I changed my mind and thought that WordPress was the best option, I have enough time to go down that route if needed. Currently, we are riding out the year of premium we currently have and once that is done, we will make the full transition.

      1. no, i understand. i went from free wordpress to hosted wordpress to a completely different web framework myself, but hosted wordpress seemed to address your cons.

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