Attack on Titan/A.O.T. Wings of Freedom Game Review

Attack on Titan/A.O.T. Wings of Freedom Game Review

If BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk was a giant blender simulator, this game is a flying blender simulator. Unlike yesterday’s game, this one is actually considerably less jam packed with mass murder and considerably more tactical. Unlike the sledgehammer that is Guts, you play as various members of the Scout Regiment, who are precision scalpels combating giant Titans who’s only real weakness is the nape of the neck in the C4-C6 region.


So as I write this up I have to admit that this was more annoyingly buggy than BERSERK and The Band of The Hawk. Instead of controller disconnects, it required me to modify my files in a more technological level than the simple redirects from Berserk. However after completing it, the game ran fairly well with a good amount of fluid animation and great artwork. The sound of the 3D Maneuvering Gear firing off was the same from the anime and was wonderful every time I used it. Akin to the Berserk game, a controller is a must in this as its just exceptionally difficult to try and run through this game with WASD. My main issue with the game from an aesthetic standpoint is that the violence is far too watered down with the cut scenes removing blood and violence that was iconic and characterized a particular scene in the beginning with a smiling titan. While this is also a Koei Tecmo game, this is not simply AoT Dynasty Warriors.


This game instantly inspired in me feelings of the Feng Lee fan game for those of you that may have played it. The largest difference between the game is not the aesthetics but actually the gameplay. Unlike the fan game, you do not manually select where your 3DMG shoot but it intuitively shoots and hooks depending on where you are looking. From this it propels you outwards and allows you to both speed up and maneuver around the world. Using the boost allows you to move faster obviously but also allows the player to move around titans and add more power to their strikes. Balancing this speed and location is also the tension related to the anchors. You can also target arms to reduce titan ability to stop/kill players or legs to halt their mobility. The game is interesting because akin to Dynasty Warriors we have other Scout/Guard regiment members flying around who you have to save as well as other defend/attack style side objectives. Finally, I have yet to try it out but there’s even a section where you can play as the Attack Titan himself and go toe to toe with these guys.

Overall this is a short article I know but a large part of it is that my computer just stopped working at that point so I couldn’t play more of the game unfortunately. All in all I found the game fun and with a bit of skill but it didn’t have that same thrill or fun as Berserk. It was very fun to spin through the air but having that one crash over and over again at the same point in the game drove me nuts since I had to reply the first 90% of a mission over and over again. Have you tried this game out? Did you like it? Leave a like and/or a comment and let me know what you thought of the game.

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