Sonic Mania – The Best Retro Revival?

Sonic Mania – The Best Retro Revival?

Having been born in the early 90s, I grew up playing my parent’s Sega Genesis with all the Sonic games. So when I heard Sonic Mania was going to be styled similar to the Genesis games, I was excited. The nostalgia kicked in hard firing it up and anyone else who has grown up on the classic Sonic games will definitely enjoy this game.


Announced in commemoration of Sonic’s 25th anniversary, made by a team led by Christian Whitehead, a dev known for his work on making the ports of Sonic CD and Sonic 1 and 2 to iOS and other various devices, Sonic Mania was born. Sonic Mania is an original title but is basically a throwback to the original days of Sonic & Knuckles and all the Sega Genesis games.


Gameplay is exactly as you’d expect if you played any of the Genesis games. It’s a 2D platformer where you just gotta go fast. I personally don’t remember all the zones from the classics, but the ones I do remember are all included in Sonic Mania. They even have the same feel as they did on the Genesis. The levels are redesigned though and have more hidden secrets within them. One of the bosses will leave you pleasantly surprised, you’ll just need to play and find it for your self.


Graphics and audio are exactly as you’d remember it from the Genesis era but with a modern day upgrade. Visually it has the same art style with 16-bit sprites and level art but it can run at a stable 60 FPS across all platforms (aside from the Switch in the 3D bonus levels). The music is the good ol’ music you know and love from Sonic, but remixed with a modern sound. Even the heart attack inducing drowning alarm is in there!

sonic mania

Whether you’re a long time fan of Sonic or brand new to the franchise, this is definitely a solid game that you can’t say you won’t have fun with. Sonic Mania is one of the few retro throwbacks I’ve been wanting (I’m looking at you Metroid) and it delivered. It’s available on all the major gaming consoles and, as of writing this, soon to be on PC as well. Let me know what you think in the comments! Is this the best retro throwback? Was it the best Sonic game ever? Any other retro revivals you’re looking forward to?

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