It’s A Rom-Com With A Dozen Couples And It’s Also Presented In Shorts – Tsuredure Children

Subconsciously, I try to find a good Rom-Com to watch every season. Whether it be heavy on one genre or a good mix of the two, it’s usually a reliable genre I can enjoy. With that being said, I’ve become really picky about my choices. It might be due to the lineup this season as well but I kept my eye on Tsuredure Children specifically, having a sort of six sense for its potential.Before I knew it was a series of shorts, I had little expectation of what the plot would be. My only guess was romance had somehow influenced the school and some students would work together/advise each other to fulfill their romances. Then the comedy would come naturally depending on everyone’s personality. I was greeted with tons of wonderful comedy about blooming romances.I have to talk about how many actual characters/personalities there are and all the potential couples. There are a ton, I’m not joking in the title when I say there are dozens. I would post a flow chart of the relationships but it references the manga and I don’t want to spoil anything. As of episode 7, I think there’s a total of 6 couples and even more “supporting” characters. I know what you might be thinking, “isn’t it kind of silly to have a Rom-Com with no main couple?”. I personally don’t think it’s that far fetched of an idea especially since its given to us in shorts. Now instead of fans arguing about the best girl, it becomes about the best couple.I can almost guarantee that you will identify with at least one of these characters. They’re all so individually appealing in their own way and sometimes you can’t just help but relate to how they’re acting/feeling. In traditional Rom-Coms, the male protagonist is super dense about feelings but still has his own way of doing things that the girls love. The possible love interests, are everything from tsundere to imouto. When I tell you this series has personalities, it ranges pretty far but to my knowledge doesn’t include every archetype yet. I’m not just talking about the females either, all the boys are unique in their own way as well.Comedy ensues constantly between all the shorts. There’s generally 4 shorts to an episode, focusing on a single different couple interaction each time. It’s based on middle schoolers and their first interactions with the feeling of love. Personally, I find the intricacies of romance incredibly relatable. The awkward silences because you can’t figure out what to say. The mystery of what love actually is and if that feeling is real. The mustering of courage to confess or the courage to reject. There’s so much to it and using all these characters to execute these moments is amazing.Tsuredure Children is nothing short of a must watch recommendation from me. I don’t remember laughing this much from a Rom-Com in a long time. I’m hoping it sticks around for more than 12 episodes since it’s a short series. Although there isn’t a clear cut route or ending we can foresee, I can enjoy the series for what it is now.



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