Keeping It Consistent – Knight’s & Magic Midseason

After my first impressions of this show I was skeptical about it’s consistency and the overall pace it followed. I was concerned about the downtime between the action and that it wouldn’t be enough for me. Now that its midseason is here, I can see that there wasn’t much to worry about at all. Overall it kept my attention very well and the plot is moving along steadily.

Coming into episode 5, we expect bad things to happen. Bad things happen. A gang, claiming to be of The Order of the Bronze Fang and led by Kerhilt, gain access to Fort Casadesus by commandeering a returning, messenger Silhouette Knight. They storm inside, kill off anyone standing in their way, and mount the new Silhouette Knights, known as Telestales, made by Ernie & company. Kerhilt’s gang immediately face resistance as Knight Runner’s come to stop them from getting very far. Ernie volunteers to go out and assist in the raid but Marquis Dixgard is against it since he’s basically the head of Silhouette Knight development. Instead, we have Knight Commander Morten Fredholm to repel the raid. Although shortly after their encounter, the gang makes a distraction so that Kerhilt and a few others can get away. Fortunately enough, Kerhilt runs into the Edgar and Dietrich escort party on the road. Kerhilt makes contact before Edgar can assess the situation. Despite their valiant efforts to stop them, Kerhilt makes an escape, leaving Edgar injured and an impending demon beast horde approaching. Luckily reinforcements have come in the form of Ernie and the Knight Commander to help defeat the horde.lookkm.JPGNow we’re back at Fort Casadesus, Morten and Dixgard assess the situation as being an attack from a different country. They also discover traces of a forbidden concoction, that drives demon beasts insane. Several days later, the students who were responsible for the development of the new Telestales and fighting at the Casadesus incident, convened with the King. King Ambrosius forms a new knightly order among them named The Order of the Silver Phoenix with Ernie as the commander.This is where we take a small break from the action. Our crew moves forward to make attempts at further developing and enhancing the Silhouette Knights. Things don’t work so well right away but that doesn’t stop Ernie from being more than optimistic about his work. They make strides as they have a mock battle with the lab, or the Silhouette Knight Laboratory, in ten months. The lab has been given a few Telestale models to analyze and improve on their own for this battle. We pretty much have a little tournament arc on our hands.To be frank, I don’t think this series is amazing. It has great moments and can keep me interested with the advancement of the Silhouette Knights. My only concern as of now would be that the theoretical war never comes. And even if it does, it might be one sided considering how much they’re moving time forward. I think I’m waiting for a surprise factor from this series. It feels carefree and there isn’t anything wrong with that. I still enjoy watching every week and praise the consistency it has shown.



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