This Is An Anime About A Classroom That Features The Worst Of The Elites…They’re Kinda Trash Actually – Classroom Of The Elite – 3 Episode Test

First things first, the only impression I had about Classroom of The Elite was from its PV. I have to be honest, my facial expression did not change at all while watching. Maybe the way it presented itself made it seem off. Maybe it was because nothing actually interesting happened. The story wasn’t interesting to me and as for the characters, well they’re on another level of disinterest. Now you might ask, “why watch it if you knew you weren’t going to like it?”. Well that’s the thing, I didn’t know if I would like it. I didn’t want to judge this anime based on a 90 second PV. So with most anime that have slightly peeked my interest, I’ll give it the 3 strike try.Right off the bat, they set the stage for everyone. One of our main protagonists, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, is a freshman at Koudo Ikusei Senior High School assigned to class 1-D. Koudo Ikusei is the most prestigious of all schools with 100% of graduates continuing to college or employment. Now, I can’t stand how long this guys name is and I can’t wait for someone to give him a nickname but that’s unlikely, so I’m gonna shorten it to Kouji to avoid any gender confusion. Kouji has a deadpan face that couldn’t stand out in life, even when he tries. Our second protagonist, is what can be described as a “beautiful bitch” named Suzune Horikita. Horikita gives 0 fucks about anybody but herself and deems having friends as unnecessary. Which brings me to our third protagonist, Kikyou Kushida. Kushida’s friendly nature makes her the “popular idol” and aims to be friends with everyone in the school not just her classmates in 1-D.Now that I got the three idiots out of the way, I can talk about why this school is so special. This school is so incredibly rich, that its campus is almost as large as a downtown city. It provides the students with residency and every leisure activity any teenager could want such as movies, cafes, shopping etc. The most important thing the school does for its students is give them a monthly allowance in the form of 100,000 points. Those points can be used to spend on anything within the school grounds. The catch comes after the first month when the class of 1-D didn’t receive their allowance and became rowdy with their homeroom teacher, Sae Chabashira, about it. Surprise, money doesn’t flow when you don’t work for it. The majority of class 1-D splurged with their monthly allowance thinking another 100,000 points would come next month. Since they’ve made poor choices, not only in spending their points but also goofing off in class, they’re rewarded with 0 points for the month. This rule applies to every class and every year’s class D is always the worst. Luckily, midterms are coming up and that’s a chance for them to earn some points. The problem is that if you fail the midterms, you’re to be expelled immediately. Now, proceed with operation study group to make sure the class doesn’t fail. Horikita realizes that there are three of her classmates that need the most help but she doesn’t have the most charming attitude when it comes to helping/teaching others. It’s not long before they ditch the study group.Another plan has to come into action and who else but Kouji to execute it. He asks for Kushida’s help to buy an upperclassman’s old exams. Hoping those exams wouldn’t change much over the years, Kouji tells Kushida to be the frontman to hand out the copies to the class as they would be more willing, coming from her. Everything goes according to plan except a certain classmate missed the passing grade by one point. Kouji meets up with Chabashira-sensei on the roof afterwards and proposes to buy that passing point from her. She’s pleasantly amused that Kouji would bribe her so forwardly and asks that he pay 100,000 points on the spot for it. Surprisingly, Horikita shows up to help Kouji pay to keep their classmate from expulsion. As the small celebrations commence, in Kouji’s room no less, questions come about how they were able to pull off the saving play. Naturally, Kouji made up a story about Horikita having a talk with the school about an unjust expulsion over one failed midterm. What comes next was the saving point of this anime, IMO. Kushida is not the happy-go-lucky girl she pretends to be. Kouji follows her in order to return her phone but instead finds out her secret, she’s actually an evil psycho. Kushida threatens him with a false rape accusation……alright well you get the gist. Originally, I hated the crap out of Kushida’s character because they made us perceive her as the fan service, always happy, just boobs in your face. It was more annoying than the condescending, high and mighty foreign asshole in the class. This anime was bearable because I enjoyed Kouji’s character more than I thought I would. Maybe it’s because there’s been some comparisons to him and Hikigaya from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. After episode 2, I often voiced my opinion as hating the characters but the plot was still intriguing. Then episode 3 happened, where they twisted my most hated character into the exact opposite. I’m sure she’s still going to keep up the annoying facade and I hope her evil side will accomplish more. I’ll definitely stay connected with this series and hope the plot will continue to rise as well as more clever tactics from Kouji.



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