New Game!!: First Impressions

New Game!!: First Impressions

New Game’s back and I’m pumped! I’ve been waiting for this series ever since they announced season two. It’s a show that definitely deserved a season two but I always believed that it wasn’t as popular as the other shows that came out around its time. For some clarification, here are a few of the shows that were broadcasting during the same season. A very stacked season to say the least. A good problem to have that 2017 seems to lack. I don’t want to be negative. I want to talk about New FUCKING Game!

So if you’re reading this, you’ve watched New Game season one. If you haven’t. GO. Get out of here! I promise I’ll wait for you!

Okay… Are they gone? I’m not waiting, let’s jump right in! This season of New Game has been nothing short of a delight. All three episodes during my three episode test exceeded my expectations. This season seems to go a bit deeper into the creative process and the business aspects while getting into how an artist AND a programmer feel during these points of time. It seems to really fulfill all of the things that I felt were really missing last season. Maybe this was all planned like they placed season one to act as a person handing out samples of some delicious food knowing I’ll come back for more. God dammit. You got me again.


Not only is this series delivering on what I want in the plot but also giving characters more attention THAT DESERVE EVERY SECOND! Hifumi is no doubt best girl. Fight me… The only person that comes close to second for me is Umiko, my dark skinned programming goddess. Too much? Okay, I will dial it down a bit. But I was so happy to see these two characters are getting more screen time. Hifumi with her new found motivation to try 3-d modeling and Umiko now becoming some what of a mentor to Nene. While giving Umiko this new found purpose in the story they unintentionally somehow made Nene super relatable and somewhat likable. Witchcraft I say!

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It’s always so great to see a series continue to deliver but another thing I love is consistency. I feel no dips in quality even though they put way too much-unneeded effort on some scenes. Yes, I’m talking about Yagami getting up that took way more time than it should’ve. I just feel like this is such a strong start for New Game and I’m very happy to have it back in my life without me resorting to reading the manga. Also, I cannot get enough of this transition cards in the middle of the episodes.


I got into New Game mainly because I was pressured by a few friends that if I didn’t watch it, they would continuously judge my character and question my life decisions. Noone wants that but I’m very glad I gave it a shot. I connected with this anime on a few different levels. A part of me was watching because these girls were working in the field that I only dreamed of. I went to school for game development and simulation programming and came out with a degree. I may never reach my dreams but it feels really good watching these girls work for theirs.


I believe we have much more in store for us with New Game. I look forward to every episode that’s to come. What are your thoughts about New Game? Hopefully, you love it as much as I do! If you don’t, WHY?! I NEED TO KNOW! If you still haven’t watched it, it is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and I believe the first season is being dubbed on Funimation If you’re into that kind of stuff. Thank you so much for reading this article and please hit that like button if you enjoyed my content!


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