The Thing about Phone Games…FF Brave Exvius

The Thing about Phone Games…FF Brave Exvius

Phone games are something I just cannot decide how I feel about. On the one hand, I play two that I thoroughly enjoy, if for no other reason than to fill time when I can’t launch WoW. But for all that I enjoy them, my wallet fucking hates them.

lapis pricing

Actual cost is a bit lower, but I take what Google gives me.

Brave Exvius is one of the ones I’m currently playing and have been for about a year now. It’s essentially a Final Fantasy game for your phone, which is actually pretty cool. It’s fairly basic as far as FF stories go, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. The story centers around two knights of the kingdom of Grandshelt, Rain, and Lasswell, and their battle to stop the destruction of the crystals that are spread across the land by the organization known as the Veritas. Rain and his comrades have the power to summon visions, which are the spirits of heroes and villains from other worlds (or even the one they inhabit…even if those people are alive…it’s weird). This is how they work every other Final Fantasy character into being a viable party member.


And quite frankly that’s what still has me so hooked on this game. You can basically construct your party out of characters from almost every FF game, with new ones being added consistently. Some are much better than others of course, but you have a lot of freedom on who you can use. Like many phone games of this nature, each unit is assigned a rating which determines their potential. For Exvius, this is the number of stars a unit has, which ranges 1 – 6 with 6 star units being the best. Most units will start out at lower numbers and can be Awakened to higher levels, up to their individual cap.

All character have a role, just like they did in their original games and everyone has a role they fill well. These follow the norm here and can be summed up as dps (melee or magic), support, tank, or heals. Most higher rated units can fill more than one role.

The story is pretty linear and in terms of combat not particularly challenging until the later parts and then only on boss fights. But other challenges, found in what’s referred to as the Vortex, present actually difficult opponents who take strategy and planning to be able to defeat. And probably money to summon stronger people, let’s be honest. There are also new special events every week or two to keep things interesting.

Which is probably the one thing I hate about phone games (that and the carpal tunnel), but the game is free and doesn’t actually require you to pay anything unless you want to. So if you have better willpower than I do and want a fun, cheap way to fill some free time, I highly recommend downloading Brave Exvius. Well, that’s it for now, happy gaming everyone and have a great weekend.

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