The World’s Most Adorable Summer Break – Interviews With Monster Girls Review

The World’s Most Adorable Summer Break – Interviews With Monster Girls Review

You probably heard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket “static fire” on the 29th if you lived around Cape Canaveral but really that was just a cover story for me cheering at the surprise special episode of Interviews with Monster Girls. Appropriately aired during the summer season, I felt it was even better timing to review and post it on the 4th of July, our American equivalent to a summer festival. So before I get ready pop open some beer and light up some fireworks to “scare away birds” I figured we’d go over this surprise bundle of adorable.

Crunchyroll Interviews With Monster Girls Episode 13 Hikari Yuki Machi Fireworks.png

So this episode starts off hilariously with summer break in full swing and Satou-sensei, our resident succubus teacher, thirsty for Tetsuo-sensei, our resident awesome biology teacher/Iron Man. After planning how her ideal date would go with him, reality kicks in and he mentions the summer festival and how the teachers typically take rotations to chaperone the event, but due to her nature it probably wouldn’t be good because Succubus+large groups=not a good wholesome time or as Sakie likes to call it, APHRODISIAC TERRORISM. This sets a great tone for the episode as far as I’m concerned because it really shows that this isn’t some random one off, but business as usual for our adorable Demi-Chans. Especially where expectations=/=reality for Sakie’s plans.

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Crunchyroll Interviews With Monster Girls Episode 13 Sakie Reality.png

The rest of the episode is a number of standard tropes with the Demis eating and playing games and hanging with friends. It’s by and far a great advance for Machi and Yuki who were the outcast like individuals who grew to be more social with both the other Demis and each other. Beyond the eating of great food and the playing of games, there’s also an interesting scene with the Demis and the non-monster girl students along with Sakie and Tetsuo-sensei traveling up a dark and potentially haunted path to an area behind the shrine on a hill. This has them split into mainly two groups, one being the Demis, the other being Himari and the non-monster girl students. After a few comments of “stuff like ghosts don’t exist” being replied with “your sister is a vampire…” the normies travel up and are subsequently terrified by a ghost. This of course draws the attention of the Demis who leave Yuki behind for a minute, resulting in probably the most hilarious set of mistaken identity this show could pull off. But the end result of that is the Demis getting Tetsuo’s face all wet when they get super excited. Oh and fireworks!

y27H3Z4 - Imgur.gif

The show ends indicating a new challenger appears, this Demi-Chan being an invisible girl. There were some clues/references to her but this wasn’t confirmed until the post ED scene where she is felt by Iron Man (for science!) so he can “see” what her face looks like. I can only hope this is either hype building or some sort of clue that a season 2 is in the works for our adorable Demi-Chans. Word however is that she’s a one-shot character from a “Who would you like to see on Demi-Chan Wa Kataritai?” contest and ironically the choice was “invisible girl.” But I like to subscribe to the optimistic (and hilarious) thought process that she’s been a student the whole time, just very quiet.

Crunchyroll Interviews With Monster Girls Episode 13 Invisible Girl
New Demi, who dis?

You readers who have been with us a while should know very well what my opinion of this show is but I’ll repeat it here for emphasis and for those who haven’t read my past articles on this. I really enjoy this show. It’s not a show I watch for completion sake or because I’ve invested the sunk cost time into it already. I watch it because it actually has a great and upbeat tone, and is in a nice grey zone of being self aware of anime tropes but not falling into them or mocking them too openly (looking at you Eromanga Sensei). Shameless article self-plug aside, The artwork is stunning and you really enjoy both the facial detail and the adorable unique faces the girls can make when Hikari is being an adorable eating machine, Yuki is being a subtle pervert, or Machi is being absolutely heartwarming and idealistic. Even Sakie-sensei and her failed attempts to overcome her super erotic nature as a succubus has its own adorable and distinct feel to it. So seriously, if you guys like adorable slightly not-human girls but aren’t into full blown monster girls like Lamia or slime girls then this show is definitely worth a shot. So leave a like and comment on what you think otherwise a Snow Woman will leave you financially destitute.

Crunchyroll Interviews With Monster Girls Episode 13 Yuki Being Awesome
Does this look like the face of mercy to you???

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