All’s Well That Harem’s Well – Love Tyrant Season End

All’s Well That Harem’s Well – Love Tyrant Season End

So Episode 11 left me in a bit of a rage. TL;DR I blacked out and there may or may not be 17 burned wrecks of cars on a major metropolitan highway in the United Arab Emirates. Don’t ask.

A fair amount has occurred since including me literally having the first 48 hour period in over half a decade where I could appreciate and enjoy life. But that’s a tale for a later time, now is the time for a very spoiler filled review of the end of this hilarious show. So how does the season finale start to kick off? Yuzu and Seiji die and go to heaven, finding God in cardboard armour brooding angrily. And that Guri is a half-daemon. Seriously, this show somehow manages to start using downright TERRIBLE pacing this last episode and it makes it WORK. It jumps shark so quickly and randomly and leaves some random plot holes empty and some motivation is shoved out but it’s really very entertaining. Ranging from the portal from heaven to hell being the Mario pipe to Akane simply imagining Seiji with another woman and having kids and dying from shock, the show really goes back to that silly stupid charm it had before. We have to remember the intro of this show was a shinigami cosplaying cupid who’s hobby was making BL pairings and a crazy Yandere.


Like I was saying before and as I have mentioned with Akashic Records when funny shows try to interject plot, it tends to just not work. Most times, like the aforementioned example, this not only doesn’t work it detracts from the show and what its initial draws were. In this case we hit that point to an extent where Guri comes to terms with her lack of understanding of what is love. *Cue the Haddaway music* So we left my last review I was hoping for a great and hilariously random ending. This is what we got and more. Besides finally seeing hell, realizing that Maoh has been doing this because he was super into Guri’s care free mother (also kind of pulling a Littlefinger moment), Akane’s more terrifying than daemons, and Shikimi is really just in it for the attention. Guri’s daemonic change finds her shifting from Chaotic Good to Lawful Evil and evidently obtains a M.D. and specialization in psychiatry. More than anything our lovable dumb ass harem master/straight man (this classic comedy trope has actually tied in as how Seiji knows the real Guri is still in there) manages to finally overcome his dense skull and talk things out with Guri. This leads to her becoming her original self and realizing that which she was missing. Not love itself, but the feeling of wanting to be loved by the person who you love. After all, the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return…


Ok, jokes aside the show kicks in the end scene with everyone happy and Shikimi working to earn the love of Seiji to be allowed into the harem, much to Yuzu and especially Akane’s chagrin. I know how normally I make my joke about how lesbian love saves the day but it kind of sort of did here. This show did not simply capitalize off the harem ideology, but actually built its plot upon it. Yuzu stepped up as both the super in love character towards Akane, similar to how Akane is to Seiji but also surprisingly served as a glue to tie together Seiji and Guri. This constant pulling kept the group together and actually brought us to a resolution that would have probably had me angry for any other show.

Love Tyrant 4b_zpsrto17dtc.gif

Love Tyrant 1d_zpsy3t2abwj.gif
Great example of the typical random in this show.

Simply because of how random its been, I would have probably felt cheated if it ended with no further comedy and tried to be serious. I do find it still just as amazingly animated and beautiful in its artwork. The show managed to interject enough plot while staying true to itself and keeping me entertained. The music was grand and for some reason I just couldn’t stay hateful towards Shikimi because they just kept making her seem like there was more to her than just being violent for the lols. Beyond that I’m left really recommending this if you want to burn time watching things and laughing while still being terrified every now and then. Do not expect this to be full of solid plot, consistent or even just cohesive. For some reason the show just has that je ne sais quoi that leaves me feeling happy or at the least not angry. So go enjoy the show and leave a comment or a like before Akane has to shank a ho.


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