Happy Father’s Day To The Fathers Of Anime!

Happy Father’s Day To The Fathers Of Anime!

Growing up my father was never really there. I was brought to the movie theaters with my brother to watch a movie with him every Sunday but ultimately he would leave us and pick us up after the movie was done. So it’s safe to say that I learned most of my valuable lessons in life through my mother, anime and video games. Mainly anime. No matter what part of my life I am referring to, I took something away from anime that will stick with me forever. Since it’s father’s day, I thought now is a great time to share some of my favorite fathers in anime to show my appreciation.

Maes Hughes

Anime: Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

a4ac031e474b6b8b4cdc98b5a41982171494825002_fullBelieve it or not I recently just finished Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood for the first time. What a great ride! It is now residing in my top 5 anime of all time for good reason. Great animation coupled with an engaging plot that is ever-changing.  When I learned that this series was adapted by Studio Bones, I was very disappointed in myself for not giving it my undivided attention sooner. If you’ve been reading my articles for some time, you know how much of a fan I am of Studio Bones. Within this great series is an even greater man, Maes Hughes.

Maes Hughes is what every kid wanted in a father.  He is hard-working, strong and always there. Maes is a model father that anyone should aspire to be. Not only as a father but as a friend and husband. Maes was devoted to the ones he loved. Being a stern and skilled leader when needed but always doing anything to help Roy Mustang, his best friend, while also willing to fight to protect his family.


Isshin Kurosaki

Anime: Bleach

3170915_1362534908248-63res_443_342Bleach is a series that holds close to my heart. As much as the ending was not according to plan, it was a great series nonetheless. It was one of the series that really brought me back to the world of anime during the end of highschool. If it wasn’t for this series and Detective Conan, I probably would’ve stayed away from anime entirely. One of the great characters that always kept me amused and brought great positivity to me was Isshin Kurosaki.

Usually, a Japanese parent would greet their kids when they enter their home with Okaeri(おかえり) which means welcome home unless you are Isshin. Instead, he delivers a package of WHOOPASS! Okay, they don’t actually use that but you get the point. Whether he is waking up Ichigo or bumping into him in the house, a sneak attack happens. It’s a great comical relief for the audience. He swears up and down that this is to make him stronger,  but you as the audience can’t help but think he’s doing it just to fuck with him. As time goes by in the story, you come to learn that like Ichigo, he was a soul reaper. Not just any soul reaper but a captain within soul society. In actuality he was trying to make him stronger, I guess. Nonetheless, he is one of my favorite and most memorable fathers.


Goku Son

Anime: Dragonball Z – above

gokupensandojpgDragonball Z is a show that will always have great memories for me. This series was a part of some of the greatest lineups Toonami had to offer when I was a kid. I remember every day at 5 o’clock I would be sitting at the foot of my television with my eyes glued to it, especially during the cell saga. Cell Saga was the best saga! FIGHT ME.

I wanted to talk about Goku, not because he was a great father but give him an A for effort. I really did enjoy watching Goku and Gohan training in the hyperbolic time chamber but all in all, Goku is a terrible father. I am not saying he is better than Vegeta or not but VEGETA IS ACTUALLY THERE! If Goku can live long enough to take care of his family then that might change. Though I do understand, sometimes you have to neglect your family to save the world. I think the really great father of this series is Piccolo, to be honest. He is the “she cheated on me and had a kid with him but left her so I will take care of the baby as my own” father.


There are so many other great fathers in anime. I’m not saying these are the best fathers. I’m just saying that these are the fathers that have been the most memorable to me. What are your favorite fathers? Do you think Goku is a good father? I would love to hear your case. I do not think it will end well, he is terrible.

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