Welcome to the Afterlife, You’re Now Rebelliously Fighting Against a Tiny High School Girl – Throwback Thursday

Today I’m going to tell you about a series that I watched together with some friends multiple times. In the days where we were all in Xbox party chat and got on Netflix to watch series together. Angel Beats! was a series brought into my world thanks to some friends.

Angel Beats! takes place in the fantasy school world where no one can die because you’re already dead, it’s the afterlife. The main protagonist Otonashi awakens to find out he’s dead. He meets Yuri, the leader of Shinda Sekai Sensen or SSS, and she explains that this is the afterlife. For whatever reason, anyone who comes to this place has no memory of when they were alive. They only seem to remember their own name. Yuri tells Otonashi that the SSS is at war with a small, evil girl named, Tenshi. Otonashi doesn’t believe Yuri’s accusations about this sweet looking girl, so he attempts to talk to her. He gets obliterated instantly but it’s okay because he’s already dead.

I think what initially pulls everyone in is the action comedy aspect.  All the supporting characters, that are also a part of SSS, have their own unique personalities that add all the flavor you need for a ragtag bunch of rebels. Among this world are the NPC’s, normal background students and teachers that aren’t really human but just act the part. There lies something deeper behind all the fun and action. The drama and truth are what take this series home.

A few episodes in something unexpected happens and causes Otonashi to ask questions about why everyone is really here. If this is really the afterlife, why are they a part of this elaborate setup? Some of this may seem a bit predictable but it’s really a joy to see the cast work together and unravel the truth. It really does turn into a bit of a mystery and causes you to form your own theories.

Although I did enjoy this series a lot more than I thought I would it’s not without its flaws. I did talk about how the supporting cast were all unique but not all of them got their backstory shown to the audience. At least not the way some other characters did. There are many fans who wish the series was longer to present that backstory and have more connections to the rest of the cast. They do however make sure that you’re invested in the main protagonists. Be sure to give Angel Beats! a shot if you haven’t already. It’s guaranteed to fill you with laughter and tears.


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  1. Karandi says:

    I really love Angel Beats. It is one of those stories I try to rewatch at least once a year and it always makes me laugh and then cry.

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