Re: CREATORS: Mid-season? Review

Re: CREATORS: Mid-season? Review

Depending on how you look at it, I am either really late or a bit early with this mid-season review. Late because we are on episode 10 of the spring anime season. Early because we are on episode 10 of a 22 episode series.  I decided that I don’t care, because I need to talk about this series! Re: CREATORS has been a great time for me and quite refreshing. I thought now is the time to give everyone else a reason to give this anime a chance.


For those of you who know nothing about this series, one of my friends and fellow authors of this blog, @cmdrcluckcluck, wrote a first impressions article that you can check out here. I will be getting into spoilers as well so if you haven’t check out this anime, please do so and come back. I swear, I’ll wait for you to return.

I decided to not beat around the bush and jumped right in. There are many things I want to talk about. Firstly, I want to talk about this anime’s concept. I was initially very impressed with this concept within the first few episodes. The concept is, what if you are watching an anime and the main protagonist appeared in the real world. Not just one character of one series but many. All coming from different forms of entertainment in Japan. I feel that this was a concept many mangakas thought of creating but alas this wasn’t even originally a light novel. This series’ completely original. I initially thought to myself how cool it would be if this concept was brought to the big screen using many popular characters but I quickly realized that would be a huge licensing disaster.


With all of these characters coming from their respective worlds, how does this impact the real world? How does a big mech hide in plain sight? Will these battles in the street go unanswered by the police or some kind of government? Re: CREATORS provides all the answers! With any other story, you can’t help but feel that the writer didn’t think everything through. Somehow, the writer keeps account of everything and then goes the extra mile. You can’t help but think that if this were to actually happen in Japan, that they wouldn’t deal with it the same way it is done in this anime. The fact that each character is brought from different source material like anime, light novels, manga, and games is extremely meta. Not many anime out there with a knight fighting the leader of a gang with a wooden sword.


As I mentioned before, each of these characters are brought out from completely different forms of Japanese Entertainment. They lived in a real world, in their eyes, with completely different rules and conflicts from each other. I don’t know about you, but If I had to write background stories and concepts for 8 characters from different kinds of series, I would fail. At most, I would put much more effort on some characters while leaving others with a minimalistic background. Re: CREATORS doesn’t do that. Each character is well developed and as developed as the next.


Each character has their own reason to fight. Some are fighting to get back to their world and resolve the current conflict their world is undergoing. Some are fighting because they know that they need to help save the world that they have been brought to. Not because they want to but because they know it’s the right thing to do. One character does not have a side whatsoever. The only thing that character has done is disturb the balance between both groups. Each character from different stories brought together to fit the winning formula for an anime. Very well executed.

SPOILERS AHEAD!! You’ve been warned.

Recently,  Altair, the “villain” of the series’ plan has finally been unraveled by Mamika, a magical girl from a series called Magical Slayer Mamika. She was fighting for what anyone would consider as the “wrong side” and finally stood up to her leader. Ultimately, Altair slew Mamika with flying swords from behind her. Throughout this scene, my jaw dropped. I didn’t expect Re: CREATORS to get so dark. Out of all characters to die first, had to be the magical girl. Then again. I’m not really surprised after watching some other recent magical girl series. I was very impressed nevertheless. Doing something like this can make or break a series for some. I know the majority of fans were falling out of their chairs after a scene such as this one ending with such a massive cliffhanger.


Safe from here on!

Final question and point to you all: why haven’t you been watching this series? I may already know the answer for the legal streamers. This series is only on Amazon Prime’s Anime Strike. I can’t say one series is worth you paying two subscriptions but you may find some other great series if you do decide to invest. I am currently watching this series, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, and Armed Girls. Plus they have Code Geass in its entirety. Not making any money for this plug but I do highly recommend it and to check this series out. This anime may be one of the greats of this year and may be an anime people would talk about for years to come. Thank you so much for reading this article! Leave a like and comment down below to let me know what you think of this anime. Anything you are watching on Anime Strike? I want to know!

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