Surprise! I Picked Up a New Show and You Should Too! – Kado: The Right Answer Midseason Review

Surprise! I Picked Up a New Show and You Should Too! – Kado: The Right Answer Midseason Review

I’m the one of the bunch that picked up 14 shows. And over the long weekend, I binged on and caught up to a new one, Kado: The Right Answer. When I was deciding on what to watch this season, Kado slipped under the radar and I never considered it. It wasn’t until the Mother’s Basement youtube channel made his video on the best first episode and slipped Kado into there at the end. Definitely check it out his video when you’re able.

Spoiler Warning of course for everything up through episode 7. I suggest going in blind to maintain the atmosphere of the story, but I had that spoiled for me by Basement’s video and I still enjoy it.

wide shot

The visuals of Kado are a little hit and miss for some. Kado has a mix of CG and 2D animation. There are even some scenes where you can clearly tell who is a main character because they are the only CG object in the scene. If you can look past the animation, or appreciate it for what it is, Kado is visually stunning. The cube that descends upon Japan is a kaleidoscope of colors and geometry. The animation also does an excellent job at showing the sheer scale of what’s happening. All wide shots including the cube include a full landscape of the kilometers of space around the cube. This show also made rolling a 2 KM cube through a city epic and interesting.


Kado does an excellent job at establishing and evolving characters and their relations with each other. The show starts episode 0 with the main character, Shindou, doing what he does best, negotiating with other parties to find the best possible outcome for both sides. This comes into play heavily when we learn about the cube, which is called Kado, and its inhabitant Yaha-kui zaShunina are presenting his gifts to the world which are intended to improve the quality of life for all humanity. Each character is affected by what zaShunina offers to humanity and they all have their own way of showing how they’re being affected.


What this show also does exceptionally well is make you realize how humanity functions as a whole. The scale of zaShunina’s actions affect the world as a whole, not just Japan. His choice of Japan was simply because Japan had more “heart” or, as Shindou described, sympathy toward others.When zaShunina presents the Wam, a source of infinite power, to humanity it physically exists in Japan to start. This causes the UN to take action and demand Japan to hand over the Wam or they be taken forcefully. These global scale events help propel Shindou’s and other characters skills in solving issues into extraordinary levels.

Overall, Kado is an exceptional show to me. This show is near the top of my list and it’s something I picked up midway through the season. I binged it in one night because I found the story so interesting I couldn’t bring myself to sleep until I was caught up. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next episode which airs on CrunchyRoll on Fridays at 10 am eastern time.

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