Armed Girl’s Machiavellism Midseason Review

Armed Girl’s Machiavellism Midseason Review

Even though we are at episode 8 of this series, I finally had the time to at least catch up to episode 6. When you feel as though you are the only one talking about a show, it becomes your duty to share to the masses. Yes, this series did pass my three episode test but is it really worth your time? If you have not read my previous first impressions about this series, please check it out. I am going to jump right in and skip the summary.


As we left off in the three episode test, Nomura has fought for two stamps out of five to receive permission to leave school grounds. After defeating Rin Onigawara and Mary Kikakujou they have both thrust upon themselves the duty of personally watching over Nomura. With two of the five supreme swords fighting for his love, Nomura is still brought into some very bizarre situations. One great example would be Nomura having to sumo wrestle AND box a bear.


I mentioned in my previous article things that I did/didn’t like and I really want to address them. Going into this series I first believed that it was generic, but do think that each character provides something refreshingly different. Nomura is not your average protagonist that you will see in other series. The situations he’s put in really bring the best reactions and commentary out that make him far better. Each of the Five Sword has their own quirks and characteristics that can make them slightly unique. Only slightly. All the voices for the Five Swords were a perfect fit.


My opinion of the animation has greatly changed. I believe it’s mostly because I had higher expectations of it due to the series being portrayed as a battle-action anime. Now that I am fully understanding what this series is, I understand why it was not to my liking. Taking this series as harem-comedy, this animation is fine.  If anything, I give my praise to the animators for still putting as much effort as they do into the fight scenes.


I never really gave the opening my attention. I normally don’t skip openings especially when they are as great as ACCA’s from last season, but I did skip this one. I never thought it was terrible but I was initially just trying to get through it as fast as possible. As many of you, binge watchers, know this is one thing you can do to save time. I regret this decision. I can honestly say this opening is one the best I have seen this season. I don’t want to give it a best of 3 but best of 5 of this season. Since there are so many great anime this season, that is still very high.


So, to answer our earlier question, this show is worth your attention. Obviously, it’s not for everyone but that is kind of how many Otaku feel about Harems in general. I for one, can not get enough of comedy anime. Harem is always a nice touch to the comedy genre and some harems need comedy for them to be what they are. Give it a shot and let me know what you think about it, or any other shows you’re watching this season. Thank you for reading!


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