The World’s Cutest Midseason Review: Eromanga Sensei

The World’s Cutest Midseason Review: Eromanga Sensei

Shit got real.

Masamune is dense af.

Last episode (7) his Sloth was showing.


First, I apologize for how all over the place this article is right now. Second, it’s almost a tragedy at how dense this man can be at times. Honestly it hurts to watch but the voice actor is spectacular when he needs to act like a crazy man, especially if he’s crazy for love (either a logical choice like Asuna from SAO or a less logical one like the evil witch in RE:Zero) The scene above details the fun scenario of a new mangaka challenger approaching, Muramasa Senju. Another mangaka who has also happened to surpass both Masamune and Elf by the millions. We later find that she is a unique situation and actually both crazy and in love. While not a yandere by any means she is very obsessed with Masamune and reveals her novels are written to feed her need for light novels and that her challenging Elf and Masamune is to get Masamune back to writing the battle novels that filled her with purpose. Now we are given insight into her as a new love interest challenger.


It’s hard to explain the latter of these images in appropriate terms as an English speaker but she actually speaks the equivalent of “I love you” opposed to the “I like you” equivalent you see in anime. The only times this has been done in recent memory are memorable scenes such as Rem’s confession and Wilheim recollecting the vengeance he’s obtained over the loss of his wife in RE:Zero.

In the episodes preceding this, we had been given more glimpses into the realm of light novel creation and a few other bits of interpersonal interaction centered around Sagiri. Beyond the challenge to get Eromanga Sensei and Izumo Sensei’s article light novel published, we see how Elf and Masamune handle different sets of writer’s block and their respective creative processes (one gets “inspiration” by playing piano naked). One of my favorite components is tied to Sagiri finally brokering a deal to meet with Megumi in exchange for some “inspiration.”


Reviewing the art and sound of the show, we’re in a great place. Not only is this show a grand meme-worthy bit of anime, but the voice work is great ranging from Sloth Kiritio Masamune screaming in beautiful agony, to Sagari playing off her need for a microphone to the upbeat and cheery music of the show you’re ears are in for a damn good treat. As for the artwork and animation, it has been a blast to watch gifs of this show online. Whethit’sits the above scene or hilariously animated scenes of Sagiri dancing while doing laundry the artwork will have you impressed and going “d’aww” all episode long. Plot wise, the character development has been a bit faster than I’d prefer but I feel that’s due to the need to speed things up for a short season. Also I figure if that’s the worst possible complaint then well this show is clearly doing something right. Honestly this article has been rather difficult for me to write because its been an entertaining and grand old time of a show to watch but I genuinely can’t provide adequate description of the nuances and hilarity of this show. Its like every little thing they do in this show is tailored and scientifically calculated and tactically organized to make you laugh and squee with joy over the things they do. So go watch the show and enjoy it or else Sagiri will be disgusted with you.

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