It might be the end of the world but I’m definitely not waiting to find out – World End Mid Season Review

This is probably my most opinionated article so I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. I just caught up with World End: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?, moving forward I will refer to it as either World End or SukaSuka.

This series leaves me begging the question, why didn’t this happen sooner? Why was it paced so slow? I think episode 6 needed to be episode 3 instead and everything that was episode 1-5 needed to more condensed or put off until later. Episode 6 itself wasn’t all that great but it gave you greater insight into what this world was and why it might be ending. I understand the means for character building and relationships but it’s all for nothing if the audience isn’t kept interested on the way. Maybe I’m alone in this opinion and there are people that actually enjoyed it up to now. This series has been a total flat line in terms of interest curve and that’s why I’m finally dropping it.

Something that crossed my mind as I was watching, maybe this series is better at its light novel source. Maybe this is just a bad adaptation and this is a great light novel read. I might never find out for myself but others will know.

I don’t necessarily dislike what SukaSuka has to offer. It’s the way they presented to it me that has me disinterested. I love the characters and their backstory, I really do. The actual title is the most misleading part. Nowhere in these 6 episodes did I feel threatened for these characters lives that the world was ending. Because it wasn’t. Nothing’s happening, you know what Willem is doing? crying because he’s waiting for these “girls” to come back home. Is he busy? Busy crying and babysitting. Will he save you? I don’t think he can do anything in his “weakened” state. It’s all a lie and this has been my opinionated mid season review for World End. Maybe someone out there enjoys it but this one is not for me.


One thought on “It might be the end of the world but I’m definitely not waiting to find out – World End Mid Season Review

  1. Karandi says:

    I’m finding this series incredibl hit and miss. I loved the first episode but then it kind of fell into the usual light novel adaptation patterns. There’s been a few moments since that have been very good but a lot that’s been really kind of flat. Personally, I’m still really interested in the story they are trying to tell but get the feeling it could have been executed with far more consistency and precision.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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