Attack on Titan Season 2 Midseason

Attack on Titan Season 2 Midseason

We’ve reached the midseason already! Attack on Titan though has made it just past the halfway point and seven episodes in and it gets good. But how good is it so far? Can we begin to think it is the season we’ve waited four long years for? Spoiler warning as I will be discussing content in the first 7 episodes of the second season.


A lot of the anime only fans I’ve talked to really disliked all the backstory that happened in the beginning of the season. Sasha’s focus helped solidify her as that happy-go-lucky potato-loving girl, but a fun fact of trivia, Sasha was supposed to die in that segment originally. When the editor of the manga heard of Isayama’s plan, he went to the bathroom and cried which convinced Isayama to change the original plan. The rest of the characters, such as Connie, Reiner, Ymir and Christa, all serve to make these characters more human, especially Reiner, Ymir and Christa who all will play a much greater role after their story gets told.


Then we get to what I say will be the high point of this season. The big reveal of the “big bad” that have been around since the beginning of season 1. Desperate to finish his mission, knowing there’s suspicion out about other shifters after the Annie incident, Reiner casually tells Eren that he’s the Armored Titan and Berthold is the Colossal and that Eren can end all the conflict if he just goes with them.


This reveal is then followed with the greatest Titan MMA fight ever. Literally, all the budget was spent on making this fight look as beautiful as possible. There was a flashback mid-fight but it served to show that Eren had learned how to fight from Reiner and Annie, the two shifters that wanted to capture him from the start. And just when you think Eren has everything under control, especially with the rest of the scouts cheering for Eren to rip Reiner’s head off, Reiner and Berthold pull an insane cliffhanger stunt. Never have I been so upset by a cliffhanger before.


Overall, the show is keeping up really well with the manga. The animation is outstanding and for some scenes, it being animated and properly voiced made the impact of the scene that much better. Overall, the season is looking good. Only time will tell how good it will be in the end but I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully, it’s popular enough to get a season three!

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