NBA Street: Anime Style – Throwback Thursday

NBA Street: Anime Style – Throwback Thursday

Hey everyone, I’m back again with another sports anime and TBT post, all in one! This time I’m going to be talking about the highly praised Kuroko no Basket. One of the great powerhouses among sports anime. Personally, it was an anime that got me back into the sports scene after so long. As you can probably tell by the title, the sport this time is basketball. This was a sport I loosely followed, gained knowledge from peers, watched the NBA and participated in gym class. I can’t seem to recall why I picked it up other than it being of my own choice.

Kuroko no Basket tells a tale of “The Generation of Miracles”, a legendary middle school basketball team that held the championship crown for three years straight. The team consisted of five amazingly talented kids that eventually split up to different high schools after graduating. But there have been rumors of a sixth man to their team. That sixth man was a player unlike any other, nicknamed the “Phantom Sixth Man”, as his presence on the court was undetectable. His name is Tetsuya Kuroko and he heads to Seiren High School where he meets Taiga Kagami, a prodigy basketball player returning from the US.


As you can imagine these two become the best of friends (eventually) and are pretty much the dynamic duo of the team (also eventually). The series follows the Seiren basketball team as they aim for the top but every player from “The Generation of Miracles” and their respective teams stands in their way.

Kuroko no Basket consists of 3 seasons with 25 episodes each and more recently, highlight movies to accompany them. What really captivated the audience is the stunning animation during games. It might be a bit too much flair to some but I think it was a very potent amount to catch the intensity of plays. Kuroko No Basket is a powerhouse anime for a reason and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be watching. I mentioned before in a previous post that sports anime is about the excitement of the games being played by the characters. This series delivers that very well with the added backstory of past relationships between the “The Generation of Miracles”. Hopefully, I’ve given you enough insight to pick it up if you haven’t watched it yet. Highly recommended and this might be your gateway sports anime.

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