Everything else this season (Literally… almost)

Everything else this season (Literally… almost)

I’ve started 16 shows. Including all the stuff everyone else is also watching, I have started a few of the ones that did not stand out to them, mostly cause they’re on Anime Strike and only 2 of us here have a sub for that. This will be a brief look at each of the shows that have not been discussed here yet.


Sakura Quest

A girl desperate for a job accepts what she assumed to be a day job to act as a queen in a small town tourist trap but was actually a year long contract to help restore the town to a bustling area full of life and tourism. Sakura Quest is from P.A. Works so I have high hopes for this series and so far it is not disappointing. People have said it has a very similar feeling to Shirobako (which I did not watch unfortunately) so if you’re into that you should definitely pick this up. For some reason, I quite enjoy watching them attempt to bring new life into an aging country town. This is one of the few that are in my top priority this season but not interesting enough for me to write a full article about.


Saekano Season 2

Saekano was one of my favorites when season one came out and It’s continuing to be one of my favorite romcom anime. This season continues the story from season one with the main characters in the midst of their visual novel creation. The comedy and timing is still excellent and the character interactions are still some of the most enjoyable. If you’re a fan of the series, you’re probably already watching, but if you’re new feel free to pick it up especially considering season 1 is also on Anime Strike.

dank meme

Grimorie of Zero

In a world where witches are hated by the common man, beastfallen (half-beast people) mercenaries are hired to hunt them before they cause any trouble. One beastfallen happens to get hired by a witch to recover a grimorie with the power to destroy the world. This pair of adventurers, who take no side in the conflict, witness the different ways different cultures regard witches and beastfallen. This show definitely is interesting and the characters are great. It’s got some dank memes (specifically the arrow to the knee) and good character interactions. But there’s something about it that keeps it from the top of my priority list.



Bunch of guys (and a girl) get together and make a kabuki club in school! Totally does not sound like something I’d watch but the little facts about kabuki and traditional Japanese culture drew me into it. Honestly, this show might be one of those guilty pleasure shows for me. As far as I’ve watched, there isn’t anything that really stands out about it but it’s quite enjoyable to watch.


Anonymous Noise

I’ll admit, I haven’t been keeping up with this as diligently as the other two. Anonymous Noise is a shoujo about a love triangle between 3 musicians. A musical romance? Sounds right down my alley considering my fandom over Fuuka last season. The music insert in the first episode didn’t really catch me. The characters have some of the strangest quirks and they cling on to feelings from their distant past. It is on the low end of my priorities but I might binge it later because I’m still a sucker for a good romance.

I’m totally missing at least 2 shows from this line up, but I have not made any progress on them since the first episode. I know for sure I probably won’t finish these this season, but they seem interesting.

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