Not Your Typical Magical School Show: Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor First Impressions

Not Your Typical Magical School Show: Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor First Impressions

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor or Roku de Nashi Majutsu Kōshi to Akashikku Rekōdo is something that I will utilize as a three (really two) episode test from now on until the end times are upon us. The first episode was a shitshow to say the least. They start out with a fairly cliche premise of an initially inept shitbird character named Glenn Radars (yea I kinda WTFd too) who is lazy and appears incompetent taking over as a substitute teacher at what is essentially the magical equivalent to Brown University/Harvard/Yale. So we assume of course there’s a reason why he has an aloof demeanor and is even identified as a third rate magician (which the show kind of beats us over the head with) and you are left wondering why this lecherous idiot is in such a prestigious role. Well, the first episode ends with the female protagonist, Sistine Fibel a.k.a. Sisti challenging Glenn to a duel.


So in this world, Magic is cast in a simple enough way, you speak off a set of words and magic happens. Talent is defined as being able to do things like memorize these multi line phrases and even shorten them in specific ways to allow casting quicker. Glenn gives off the vibe of “you’re gonna get it now girl” and is subsequently curbstomped. With absolutely no grace, he continues to add on “this was out of three/five/seven/I let you win because I’m gracious” and we find he can’t do any sort of spell shortening which is described akin to long division where its something you should be able to do in middle school.

After this horrid display, I genuinely almost let the show go but I opted instead to go with the 3 episode test and I’ll be damned if it didn’t deliver. The show almost immediately starts off by Glenn explaining that akin to the current American educational system of standardized testing, we’re doing it wrong. Magic is apparently only taught in a very regimented manner and he challenges the students by asking, “how would the spell work if instead of 3 lines, I made it 4?” To which the class collectively states that it would fail, and he then questions them as to HOW it would fail and showing them that it makes the lightning spell curve to the right (which I don’t necessarily define as fail but oh well). This is basically like me asking you what would happen if you dropped a coin, then you said it would bounce and then me showing you how to make it bounce 3 times and land heads with 100% accuracy. He then proceeds to explain why he’s constantly said that reading things out of the book is stupid and they should feel stupid by explaining the different manners one can use to manipulate magic. In a totally inappropriate manner he then names Sisti “White Cat” as a nickname (any male teacher doing that to a 16 year old girl will get instasued) and explains that the spells and incantations they utilize are really just mnemonic devices they use to cast and that the same can be accomplished through mental association which he displays by casting the lightning spell from the duel with one seemingly random word.

The show then again kicks things up a notch by introducing terrorists who dispatch the guards around the academy while majority of the faculty are off and away at a conference. We then get to see Sisti and other female main character Rumia as they are mildly tortured by the aforementioned terrorists and even start to get a bit rapey with Sisti. Of course Glenn kind of just walks in on them, then excuses himself for interrupting. At this point mild terrorist A begins his spiel about domination, Rumia being a princess, standard fanfare kind of thing for bad guys. As he then attempts to *BLAM* Glenn in the head, his magic suddenly stops working. Glenn then reveals his ability to negate magic via his custom spell “The Fool’s World.” While this is comically used to explain he too cannot use magic, the terrorist then attacks Glenn when he casually explains how hand to hand combat works by casting fist several times. Glenn then uses his special magic punch in a flashy display rivaling TEXAS SMASH from All Might. The magic part is revealed that its really a kick, as he full on KO’s the baddie.



So that’s the first bit in a nutshell and I highly advise you to watch the rest because its an interesting bit of action mixed with a good take on school comedy. The audio is ok to good at times with great OP and ED (when you finally get to hear them) as well as good if a little forgettable battle music (no where near the raw and visceral sound of Guts smashing monsters and knights but oh well) and the art style is good most times, especially with the magical runes and effects and even the background characters get a good amount of detail but God Emperor of Mankind, the uniforms are pants on head retarded.

Beyond that you are looking at a great bit of comedy and while it doesn’t hold a torch to My Hero Academia (especially comparing their school festival with UA’s) its definitely a worthwhile show. So let me know what you think of this exceptionally long titled show and if it made your three episode test or not. Or else Count Zest will “corrupt” you.


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