The Harem We Want, But Don’t Deserve: Love Tyrant First Impression/3 Episode Test

The Harem We Want, But Don’t Deserve: Love Tyrant First Impression/3 Episode Test

Let me clarify something really quick. This show will throw you for a loop the first two episodes and just keep piling on the humor. With an initial introduction of a woman who seems to be a straight adorable Shinigami (God of Death/Grim Reaper) named Guri who appears in front of the mild-mannered MC, Seiji Aino the show starts on an interesting note. Further parodying Death Note, Guri produces a “Kiss Note” which requires individuals to kiss within 24 hours otherwise she dies and they remain a virgin forever. However, after he kisses Guri passionately, she explains that they have to kiss/are compelled to kiss the person written in the book with them.

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This show is kind of built on plot holes and misunderstandings but it’s kind of beautiful that way. Guri later shows off her ability to make individuals fall in love if entered in this book in the format of [Marc] x [Kenny] and in an appropriate example, she tends to use this to make BL or boy love [i.e. gay] couples but she’s very adorably idiotic in that Hikari style a la Interviews with Monster Girls. Guri aside we find the true best girl, Akane Hiyama, the hyper-athletic and beautiful idol who Seiji has had a thing for if you know what I mean. So Guri moves off to make them fall in love and kiss when Akane reveals that she’s so damn Yandere she makes Yuno Gasai seem vanilla.

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After a few attempted murders, we find that Guri is invincible as well as actually an angel. When Akane and Seiji are finally paired they rejoice until Guri jumps into the relationship and makes it a fun little threeway after finding she has feelings for Seiji who almost sacrificed himself to save her, regardless of her immortality. To which Akane in typical fashion takes as cheating and proceeds to stab stab stab. Another fun little plot twist appears where in Guri is not a Grim Reaper but an Angel, specifically of the cupid variety. Yup, turns out she’s just a cosplay aficionado. And as a pairing with an Angel, Akane and Seiji are now immortal as well, but unfortunately for Seiji, not immune to pain.

Moving onto the next piece, we have found a new challenger who steals the Kiss Note, Yuzu Kichougasaki. Yuzu has a strange ability to build out a shield that protects her from attack, which is helpful when Akane gets stab happy. A brief chase scene later she is revealed to be both a stalker of Akane and obsessed with her, as well as her blood sister, leading to Guri just losing it for the strange fetishy pairing they have going there. Next up they handle the need to match people together as couples otherwise lose their souls and the ability to pass on after death. From here they go on and go through some comical pains to match up a teacher and student, as well as dealing with Seiji’s sister and a crazy penguin daemon. Not much more of the plot has been revealed but Seiji has been captured by a sadistic childhood friend of Akane and Yuzu and we now find them off to rescue him.


Now let’s get onto the critiquing of the show. First, the plot and comedy of it are transferred very well with amazing pacing. The jokes flow very well and keep me very well entertained, especially when Akane loses her shit and goes on the warpath. The art style is amazing and a great example of bright colorful animation and comical cliche such as Guri shifting to monkey dunce mode or Akane into the most yandere meme since Yuno Gasai. The soundtrack is upbeat and reminds me of Mario Bros music mixed with jpop at times to some appropriately evil music that accompanies Akane’s “moods” (made even funnier when its because Guri is playing the theme music on a boombox). My recommendation is that you go watch enjoy this show and as they guys coined it this is a very Nick show. I’ll definitely be watching this show closely and it’s aiming at being my favorite new show for the season, but close behind is Akashi Records of Bastard Magical Instructor (my next article for this upcoming Wednesday) and Eromanga Sensei which you can read about here. Now go leave a comment or like or Stolas the Daemon will find you. And you will not enjoy what he does to you.


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