Is it really the end of the world?? – WorldEnd (First Impressions)

Is it really the end of the world?? – WorldEnd (First Impressions)

With so many great shows airing this season, I’m sure we all have a variety of different shows in our queue. WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? is definitely unique but even with the three episode test, I’m not sure what to think.


The series sets you up with the two main characters right away with a damsel in distress moment. Willem Kmestch, a man doing oddjobs to make ends meet and Chtholly, a young woman that has more to her than we know. He saves her from a potentially fatal fall and retrieves a stolen item of hers as well. We learn that this world has experienced a disastrous attack from unknown monsters and several species have been exterminated, including humans. The species that have survived, escaped to the skies and now live on floating islands.

The story continues as Willem takes up an oddjob involving guarding some military weaponry as a live-in caretaker. To his surprise, he meets a handful of little girls that are curious about his arrival to their home. Chtholly also happens to live here, along with a few other girls that are about the same age and a few dozen younger girls. Can you connect the dots yet? Neither can Willem until a certain event urges him to know the truth.

One of kids has a tragic fall off a cliff while playing ball with the others and Willem rushes to her aid. He finds her all bloodied but impervious to any pain or the fact that she almost died. Willem takes her to the infirmary and demands an explanation from their mother figure, Nyggaltho. The short answer is that all these girls are the military weapons. They are a type of fairy that were born and raised to fight against the monsters that threatened the world’s species.

Now that we have a general idea about the world and the girls that are ever so lovable, episode three was all about Willem. We learn about his more about his past and why he is the man he is today. Willem fought in one of the decisive battles against these monsters but was cursed into a petrified state until Nyggaltho found him centuries later. Willem is the last human alive today.

I mentioned how I didn’t know how to feel because with these three episodes they set up the world. They set up an experienced protagonist intertwined with girls destined to fight against the greater evil. But that’s all I see so far, a set up. There’s potential for this series to shock us all but right now it feels very carefree. I have to admit that the character interactions have been pretty good. I’m just hoping to connect more with them or see something bigger happen since it’s been all talk. I will keep tabs on this one, not on the drop list yet. Let me know your thoughts if you’re watching this one as well.

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  1. This is an odd one. The first episode really grabbed me because it was just interesting in the way it was telling its story. Episode 2 fell really flat, but episode 3 picked up again, but none of these episodes have really given us a consistent tone or style for the narrative so I really don’t know where it is going or what to expect or even if I actually like this yet. There’s certainly some good ideas here so hopefully it does something with them.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Exactly, it has me really wanting that moment of complete attraction. I think I might take it to episode 5 to see if I’m still interested.

      1. This one is definitely needing an episode by episode evaluation and I still may end up dropping it, but I hope not.

  2. Hmm…WORLDEND i could explain to this to my impression about it.
    Actually i love the series. It has Romance and Actions
    People might tell about the Title of the Anime
    Huh? World-End? I could say Anime isn’t the full series of WorldEnd
    Actually It has Light Novel but Anime need to deserve Season 2
    Even though willeim and chtholly died the two protagonists died
    In my first impression without reading the novel
    I could tell
    What?! End of the World ?! After seeing the last episode
    Monsters attacked the ship and Chtholly and Willeim and Ren-chan close to death
    And I haven’t seen the world ended in the last episode
    It might be my world is about to end because i am about to die , but still i already found happiness. Just like the Last Episode

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