The Paint Dried and the Grass Grew, Time to watch Sagrada Reset!

The Paint Dried and the Grass Grew, Time to watch Sagrada Reset!

I mentioned in our rule of three podcast that I’d rather watch grass grow or paint dry than watch Sagrada Reset. Now that I got all that out of the way, Sagrada Reset is now on the list of things to watch. After episode 3, I feel like I need to start another 3 episode test from here instead because it came back with a bang.

Side note: Sagrada Reset is the English title for Sakurada Reset. Did that translation really need to happen?


The first 2 episodes were a lot of world building. When I say world building, that’s really all they were building because the 2 main characters were so boring episode 1 had a lot of B-Roll shots of power lines and scenery. Though we did learn much about the abilities of the main characters. Kei has a superhuman memory and can remember everything when Haruki uses her time reset. Haruki’s ability isn’t really a time reset, just resetting all molecules to the time she last saved and that she can only reset to a save point once. These 2 details actually end up important in the later episodes. From what I read, the first 2 episodes were actually not the start of the source material, it was a flashback arc later on in the series. While it was definitely good world building, it was the hardest first 2 episodes to watch without getting bored.

deadpan nya.PNG

Jump to now. The 2 lifeless characters we met at the start have some personality to them. Haruki now has a bit of a sarcastic side but also manages to maintain her deadpan appearance. Kei mentioned how he likes it when girls end their sentences with some form of “nya,” and Haruki begins doing this without being cutesy at all about it. Definitely not what Kei expects or even wants but the entire exchange was humorous for the viewer. The characters definitely improved and they do feel more grounded in reality regardless of their abilities.


As for the plot, it gives off a mystery feel. Hyouka is one show I could relate Sagrada Reset to but Sagrada Reset has the interesting aspect of the special abilities. Each few episodes covers a case that the characters, who are cooperating with the bureau through the Service Club, are trying to solve. The first mystery brought to them by Murase was originally about a cat getting run over but evolved further into a murder mystery and further into a power struggle between Kei and Murase.

Overall Sagrada Reset looks interesting despite its first 2 episodes. It’s definitely something I’ll be keeping on my watch list for now. New episodes are available on Wednesdays on Amazon’s Anime Strike channel.

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