Re:Creators First Impression

Re:Creators First Impression

Everyone adores the stories of people being transported into a fantasy world, but what if that’s reversed? What if the popular fantasy characters in anime, manga, and video games are dragged out of their world and dropped into our world with no real knowledge of why? I first thought this was going to be feel a bit more generic but I was more surprised by the show when I started watching.


It opens with an aspiring artist sitting, uninspired, staring at an blank digital canvas. He decided to take a break and watch an anime. His tablet starts glitching and the collision of the real and the created worlds begins. Several significant characters from various forms of media are ripped from their created world into the world where their creators, the authors and developers of their respective media, exist. They are not given much reason for being brought to this world, but the only link between them is a girl in a military uniform.

military uniform girl.PNG

The characters are flawless. They fill the trope of the genre they came from and it feels far out of place in the real world. One of the characters pulled into the real world was a magical girl. In episode 2, she fought with another of the characters and was shocked at both her opponent willing to die to stand for her cause and that she and her opponent were shedding blood.

magical girl shocked

From what I understand, there are currently two factions of created characters, the ones that side with the girl in the military uniform and the ones that see her as an enemy. It will be interesting to see this dynamic play out. From the artwork, there are still 2 or 3 created we have not met yet. They look to be a detective and a sci-fi mecha pilot. It will be interesting to see how they fit into the story.


This will be an interesting show. It’s getting 22 episodes so we will definitely get a good exploration of these characters and their current situation. Of all the shows I started this season, this is one I’m currently looking forward to most at this point. Re:Creators airs Saturday mornings on Anime Strike. Saturday morning cartoons are back guys!

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