Tsukigakirei: First Impressions

Tsukigakirei: First Impressions

The first thing you’ll catch about this series is the color. There is so much of it, it’s really bright and makes you feel uplifted in sense. Personally I missed watching a new romance series last season. I dropped Fuuka but do plan on finishing it eventually. On the genre of romance, I’ve never seen a more awkward first episode involving the two main characters.



As I understand it, Kotarou Azumi, is a book worm and an aspiring writer. His few friends know of his passion but he’s always too embarrassed to let them read it. The female co-star, Akane Mizuno, belongs to the track and field club but gets really anxious at times. She uses a “stress ball”, could be just a beanie baby thing, to calm herself down. These two are in their third year of middle school and end up in the same class. As we follow along, there are moments where their eyes become fixated on the other person but hardly do they have direct eye contact.


I’m incredibly hopeful after watching the second episode. They seem to be interacting better and there are signs of a connection brewing. More importantly is their individual character development. For this series in particular, it’s going to be really interesting to see them grow. I’m also interested in how the supporting cast, their friends and other peers, help the story progress. Maybe even help this romance bloom quicker or possible rivals might appear. Looking forward to this one, let me know if you’re following this series as well.



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