And The Devil Medal Goes To: Gabriel DropOut Season Review

And The Devil Medal Goes To: Gabriel DropOut Season Review

The main thing I can say about this show is that it managed to really keep up the laughs the last few episodes. The episodes post my last review took place during Christmas, in heaven/hell while the girls were on vacation, and a little bit after that. The Fall school life episode took to a very comical moment where Satania managed to actually not be complete gobshite at everything. Vigne convinces bribes Gab to compete and Raphi is literally held back from going all out, due to her bra being too tight and nearly popping at every slight move. Finally, Raphi sprints past Satania to the comical destruction of her bra and Satania’s win streak. After this is the Christmas episode where Vigne again is not at all daemonic and goes about the process of planning a Christmas party with Raphi and Gabriel. Satania calls her in the midst of planning to declare war because this is a celebration of Christ’s birth, i.e. their (im)mortal enemy. Through a bit of not so subtle brainwashing, they convince her to take part in exchange for food and gifts. Any sort of attempt to ruin this celebration for Vigne sees her true daemon side come out and is treated as heresy.

A fate worse than death.

Literally, my only gripe about this show is after these two episodes. Allow me to elaborate more on what I mean here. So the girls go home and you manage to see their respective families/home lives. After a beautiful attempt to sneak technology and gaming devices into heaven, Gab is sadly without video games as she lives out her vacation with her younger sister and you see fun moments like Vigne’s now oversized daemon doge, Raphi’s super perv butler, and Satania’s equally insane and deluded family. Seriously, you almost feel bad for her when you realize the painted a wall to make it look like they had a larger damn room.


But my true issue is that they had such a great opportunity to work with this amazing environment and they literally just close it up and move on with no transition or follow up and it pisses me off probably 10,000x more than it should. However, the next episode is surprising full of feels and comedic seriousness. Essentially the dog that has been plaguing Satania by constantly eating her melon bread (see above) is captured by a stray catcher and when told that it will be put down without an owner to retrieve him, goes about the very non-daemonic process of adopting and caring for the dog as her familiar. She soon finds herself in a bind as neither her apartment nor any of the girls’ apartments can maintain a pet and Satania goes about traveling to Hokkaido (Japan’s equivalent to Alaska) in search of an affordable place that lets her have a dog. They even share a cute moment together sharing melon bread before she’s found via not at all creepy GPS tracking Raphi had installed on her phone. Gab had pulled some strings to work “a lot more” at Master’s cafe in exchange for him lifting the pet ban on the apartment complex (some almost literal deus ex machina there).

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Most importantly of this episode however is that Tapris comes by for some takoyaki and informs the crew that Gab’s overachiever archangel sister, Zelel, is coming by for a visit. The season finale is basically Gab trying to BS her way into convincing her sister to let her stay on Earth. Needless to say, that feth doesn’t fly and she tries her next underhanded trick and bows down for forgiveness, only to sneak attack Zelel. This does not work at all and Gab gets whooshed up to heaven for a week and returns as classic Gabu 1.0 from the series beginning. After a week of the rest of the crew going insane trying to convince Gab to return to her Otaku Gamer ways, Gab pulls up a barrier and explains this was all a trick to convince Zelel that she was reformed and again, this needless to say does not work because older siblings are always amazing and know what their tricky little siblings are up to (#oldersiblingsrock).

This standoff however ends with Zelel relenting to allow Gab her friendships she’s made even with daemons and daemonic angels (seriously waiting to see Raphi just doesn’t have a halo anymore) at the expense of her living with Gab. This doesn’t sit well with her and thanks to comical appearance by dog, Zelel is scared off in an adorable fashion and it seems things are going to settle back to normal for the girls. This is where the season ends with lazy Gab trying to teleport again and only successfully sending her skirt to class. All in all I loved this show and this season for its comedic best girls and how great these characters have been. The art has been not necessarily top notch but definitely either cute or funny if not both the entire season. The VAs are again adorable with the music being catchy and cute (I will be going to sleep by counting Gabs for the next few weeks) so I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants good laughs. The pacing is really quite good and there’s a number of details I missed my first pass and only noticed while rewatching for fun clips/verifying I remembered lines and events right. So go watch it now and leave a like or a comment before a daemon angel appears behind you to wreak holy hell down upon thee!


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