Demi-Chans want a Season End Review: Interviews With Monster Girls!

Demi-Chans want a Season End Review: Interviews With Monster Girls!

As I said in my previous article, this show manages to kinda hit on a unique twist on being strange or “that guy/Demi-Chan” in high school. Since we’ve had three articles on this show, (most of any season I think) I’ll try to keep this to the last 5 episodes. In the last third of the season, the show keeps the same pace with the girls, with them gradually trying a bit harder and harder to make Sensei notice them and a few new facets being added to help demonstrate character growth for all. Now the episode I left off on actually added more depth for Yuki and Sakie who semi-bonded over gag humor and perverted manga. Yuki of course being very shy, tries to hide her love for this type of humor, but the face she makes when she breaks is hilarious. This is also the episode where Hikari has a super comical contest as to who she’d like to bite (ranked like food) and Iron Man is left with the description that he’d be too hard, too thick, and too hairy in her mouth.


In the next episode, Sakie is finally encouraged to use her Succubus powers on Iron Man and she is finally informed that unless he’s gay a Succubi can affect EVERYONE. Essentially this has her overthinking as to whether or not her feelings for him are real as her feelings are based that he’s able to overcome her power and so on and so forth. Sakie then decides to dial it up to 1000 and jumpsuit zipping finally breaks him. While he resists like a champ, my favorite description of his inner monolog is that he’s constantly chanting “I am one with the force and the force is with me.”

The next one sees Kyoko’s brilliant mind come to light. We get super physical (as in physics you pervs) in this episode and she tries to sneak a kiss, resulting in an accident with Iron Man and her almost dropping her head. Needless to say, he’s not happy about the matter and scolds her, and we see some strange ire from the vice principal (to be fair, it’s almost creepy how much he hangs with them). After a touching apology, Iron Man takes Kyoko to his crazy (even for this show) colleague who studies physics at university. The concept of a dullahan’s head is rationalized as a wormhole that is altered by human observation, causing the appearance of the fire from her body with her neck existing in another dimension. This leaves Iron Man with the thought process that one day Kyoko might be able to live a life with her head connected and Kyoko decides that since it’s considered unethical to experiment on dullahans, that she herself should aim to study physics and discover the science behind her magical head. (See the screenshot story below for a perfect synopsis)


The Vice Principal reveals his real mindset that he’s not a racist or a prick but feels that Tetsuo’s doting on the Demis has stunted their ability to interact with others and goes into an almost depressed and cut off manner with the girls. Thankfully this isn’t the case and it actually acts as a catalyst for the other students who overheard the VP to go about interacting with the Demis more and the Demis send him a video, (Sakie included, with a send off to get drinks XD) with Hikari being strangely silent at the end. A cute session at the beach later, Hikari finds Iron Man as he finishes the video and delivers her thank you in person. After noticing that he has not coddled but actually served as an exemplar, the Vice Principal apologizes and requests Iron Man to continue his good work.

Adorable Classmates Being Adorable.

The final episode is a strange duck for a number of reasons. It wraps up a large chunk of the story and leaves with a good carry over for a season 2. It also starts out sounding like a cliche fan service episode (and it kind of is) but essentially Hikari asks for everyone to be able to hang at the school pool for a girls day kinda thing. This concerns Iron Man because Vampires != Sunlight and he is hard to convince but finally relents. During this moment at the pool, the Demis and other female students enjoy some fun in the sun and Kyoko manages to enjoy being dunked under the water for the first time in her life. We find that Hikari was actually seriously sunburned afterward and wanted to prioritize fun for everyone over her own well-being. It ends with Hikari being late at school and Tetsuo recollecting on all the things he’s learned and that while it was originally all For Academic Purposes (again, not a pun) he now wants to learn more about the Demi’s to help them as people.

I personally enjoyed the humor and thought it was a well-done show. Much like the comedy of this season, nothing in particular to write home about but good nonetheless. The audio was good and the animation was hilarious and very good and I may be alone in this regard but I thought the plot was pretty good too. So let me know what you thought of the show and leave a like or comment below or else Iron Man will find you. And he will teach you.

He will rock you.

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