Their True Battle Has Only Just Beg- Konosuba Season 2 Review!

Their True Battle Has Only Just Beg- Konosuba Season 2 Review!

Alas, with a heavy heart I must acknowledge season 2 of Konosuba is completed. It was an amazing second season taking the adventurers to the wonderful hot springs based town of Arcanretia, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. Once again, I must point out a few facts about the art and audio. The animation from Aqua’s freak outs to Chomusuke playing with oppai bigger than her to the insanity of every little extra character (creepy eye glints are creepy), I was feeling emotive and inspired by every scene. Audio-wise, I was left in stitches every time they played Darkness’ erotic masochistic theme music or Megumin’s ironically serious tune, and even the last battle had me simply awe inspired with Aqua being a legitimate goddess-tier character.


Back to the plot however, we’ve got Megumin freaking out as to why Kazuma is so happy and cheery, even though Aqua’s perpetual airheadedness kicks in where she constantly purifies his tea into hot water. Darkness reveals to Megumin’s chagrin that he aims to sell or lease the rights to Japanese inventions in this world to Vanir for a one-off payment of 300 million or profit-sharing of a million a month. More so, he plans to simply hire adventurers to fight the Devil King and steal the last blow, something that Megumin finds absolutely unacceptable. As such, she recommends a trip to the hot springs to relax, and of course, Kazu-perv decides that’s a great idea. Aqua also strangely seems very on board with the idea and Darkness comes along drawn by the idea of Kazu-trash being a dirty human being. They find the best manner in which to travel is via carriage where a nearly dead Wiz is brought along having been attacked for her incompetence by Vanir.

En route to Arcanretia, the group is attacked by a giant herd of running kite hawks, evidently drawn to the caravan by Darkness’ Adamantine armor. With Kazuma being the one to identify this, he out of guilt leads the counter charge against the mob of monsters. In a beautifully apologetic move, he gives the impression to the caravan adventurers of being a truly brave hero while in fact is simply ashamed of the burden his group has inflicted upon the travelers. Darkness is of course only far too eager to be beaten, bruised, and trampled by hordes of monsters *insert moaning here* and rushes to the forefront, appearing like a selfless and brave crusader. One hilarious moment actually has her jumping in front of a rope attack to bind herself *insert more moaning here* with the caster realizing that she sacrificed herself as the attack would have drawn the ire of the monsters. After dragging Darkness behind a wagon and launching her into a cave where Megumin bombs the onslaught of monsters, the crew is lauded as heroes with Kazuma shamefully aware that they were the cause of the issues. Later that night a massive crowd of zombies and undead assault the group, specifically targeting Aqua, however she easily deals with them using her holy power that drew them forth in the first place (again beating poor Wiz to near death). After again shamefully realizing they were the cause of the undead, Kazuma tries to hurry along to the town with no further incident. When they get to Arcanretia is however an even more crazy and wild story.

Almost instantaneously, you find that the reason for Aqua wanting to arrive to this town was because the town is infamous for its Axis cult church. Not only does everyone attempt to convert travelers, they also shove bars of soap and utilize wild and wacky methods to do so. Ranging from fake attempted kidnap/assault to telemarketer esque sales pitches to a child who asks “how do you spell your name” on a sign-up sheet, the Kazuma and Darkness are nearly driven insane. A great turn of events is when Darkness begins wearing her Eris emblem, and effectively pissing off every member of the Axis cult church town who begin to throw stones at her *insert moaning here*, spitting on and verbally abusing her *insert more moaning here*, and even leaving her food in a dog bowl on the ground */NSFWmoan sounds* she is treated in a horrible fashion, to which her mindset is of course to move to Arcanretia.

When they finally meet up again with Megumin (who’s been driven catatonic by the cultists fanatics townsfolk) she’s in the church where Aqua has been giving reconciliation for confessions from the Axis cult church followers. The entertaining moment is when she shares a prayer to “dissuade” a man from being drawn to Eris: “Eris pads her chest.” When the baths finally come into play, Kazuma first redeems himself in the eyes of Darkness and Megumin by not acknowledging he’s eavesdropping from the mixed bath. Then immediately loses that redemption when they bait him with some butt talk then smack the wall. When he comes to, he finds two daemonic looking individuals (surprise, they’re daemons) and the man, Hans, is just as sick and tired of the insane enthusiastic Axis fanatics followers in town. Aqua, of course, starts trouble as she has that tendency of purifying water she touches, leading to claims by the townsfolk she’s a daemon working for the Devil King.

After a very amazing fight where Aqua truly shines, Wiz shows off her insane powers, Kazuma once again dies, Darkness is beaten to near orgasm, and the town realize that Hans the Poison slime is at fault, the crew defeats Hans and we are rewarded with a very fun and happy ending. To be honest I can’t really put this into words and can only recommend you watch it for yourself. I’ve included some highlights below so go out and watch it, then comment and like or else Aqua will God Blow you! …wait a minute…



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