Interviews With Monster Girls: First Impressions

Interviews With Monster Girls: First Impressions

Ever wonder what everyday life would be like for that vampire next door? The dullahan down the road? The neighborhood succubus? Or the Yuki-onna (a snow woman)? Tetsuo Takahashi, high school biology teacher, had the same thoughts as demi-humans (demis for short) have slowly been integrated into society. Suddenly, three demis enroll and a demi math teacher begins teaching at his school, and to no surprise, he decides to interview the demis to learn more about them.

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Interviews With Monster Girls is a comedic slice of life about Takahashi-sensei, your normal, everyday…

… Iron Man (read: biology teacher) who takes a more genuine interest in the everyday lives of demis. He gets to know the succubus teacher, Satou-sensei, the hyper-energetic and mischievous vampire, Hikari, the shy dullahan, Machi, and the aloof snow woman (or Yuki-onna), Yuki. While more on the side of comedy, Interviews with Monster Girls does indeed show the hardships the demis must deal with in their everyday lives. One such example is that of the dullahan, Machi, who essentially only has use of one arm because she needs to constantly carry her head around.

Side note: I had to look up what a Yuki-onna was. A Yuki-onna is popular in Japanese culture and not often seen in western cultures. They are typically said to be the spirit of a woman who perished in the snow.

This show definitely does not have a shortage of comedy. Hikari is the main source of this comedy. Her energetic nature and overall playfulness with her friends and teacher contribute to the happy-go-lucky moments. Even for episodes where she is not the focus, she always manages to steal the spotlight away from everyone.

For those of you keeping up with some of the more heavy shows like Scum’s Wish this is an excellent show to fill in the void in your heart (especially considering Interviews airs on Fridays, one day after Scum’s Wish). There isn’t much else to me that stood out, but so far it is an enjoyable watch. But what else can you ask for when it already delivers excellent, lovable characters and good laughs?

Overall, Interviews with Monster Girls is a good series. If the premise of it has sparked your interest, definitely give it a try. While I very much enjoy the lighthearted comedy, part of me still wishes for a little bit more seriousness with challenges the demis have have to face in their lives. It was definitely the surprise hit for me and will definitely be staying on my watch list this season.

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