Anime comes in many forms. But if you’ve been watching for a long time, it can get a bit repetitive. Then comes an anime that takes previous ideas and brings forth a new concept. This season we have Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World, which has blown away any expectations I had.  By bringing together two concepts from last season, they were able to create something new and exciting. The two anime I am referring to are Konosuba and Erased.

Re: ZERO has a very similar feel to Konosuba. For one, both main characters wear jumpsuits, are surrounded by women, and are set in a classic RPG environment. They also have very similar comedic elements and loveable characters. Viewers can also have the great “Who is best girl?” debate. Re: ZERO also takes the concept of time looping from Erased. Much like Erased, the downside for our main character is his condition for triggering this is rather traumatic.

Re: ZERO is about a high school student named Subaru who is mysteriously transported to another world while going to the convenience store. He is greeted by a bad-tempered merchant and quickly winds up in trouble as he wanders into the unknown town. After being saved from some thugs in an alleyway by a beautiful, silver-haired girl, he decides to return the favor by helping her track down a thief who stole something important from her. When they manage to track down the thief, however, they are attacked and killed by a mysterious assailant. Subaru, upon dying, finds himself once more in front of the merchant he met when he first entered this new world.

There are a number of reasons why you should be watching Re: ZERO. The series is very efficient with time and great with pacing. We, the viewers, were even given two episodes to introduce us to the series. Re: ZERO’s use of openings and endings are great as well. Normally when you are watching a series, you might only have one or two episodes that will occasionally cut out the opening and ending. Most often this would be the first and/or last episodes. With Re: ZERO you have episodes with the ending and credits playing while the episode continues or no opening whatsoever. This means more content for the viewer to enjoy in each episode.

Another reason you should be watching Re: ZERO would be the character development. Each character is unique in their own ways. Subaru is very confident and makes mistakes because of this. But when he does something wrong you feel for him and watch as he grows because of those mistakes. Seeing other characters reflect on his changes, while viewing how their feelings toward him grow and develop is both enjoyable and fulfilling to watch.

Overall, this series really puts you on the edge of your seat. Every episode is packed with emotional scenes between Subaru and the different characters he forms relationships with and the pain he goes through both physically and emotionally is something you can’t help but feel.

This series is currently airing on Crunchyroll among all the great simulcast airing this season. Let us know what you think about Re:ZERO  -Starting Life in Another World-. What would you do if you found yourself in another world?

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